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Major Startup Accelerators In The World



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In simple terms, a startup accelerator or incubator is a startup collaborator which helps budding companies grow by providing a combination of services like workplaces and product development. In fact, from the year 2008 to 2014, the number of startup accelerators grew by 50 %! Companies like AirBnB and Twitch were given birth because incubators helped push them forward. Here is taking a look at some incubators which are doing really well in the world!

1. Y Combinator

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Perhaps one of the most famous incubators in the world, Y Combinator has been known for training and funding over 460 startups. Founded by Paul Graham in the year 2005, this incubator has helped develop major startups like Dropbox, Posterous, Reddit, Scribd, Songkick, and Weebly. From helping the startups with a certain amount of funding, to helping them develop with a management team, this incubator gives budding startups exactly the push they need to grow.

2. Founders Space

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With over 50 partners spread over 22 countries, Founders Space has constant programs across China, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States. Known for the excellent quality of the services provided, this incubator gives complete end to end services for all the startups who ask for help. If you are looking for someone to help you grow not just at the national level but on an international scale as well, Founders Space is where you should go.

3. TechStars

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With a string of famous companies under its belt (DailBurn, Ignightr, Occipital, and Sociathing,) TechStars was founded in the year 2006 by David Cohen. Receiving 1000 applications on a regular basis, rumour has it, getting into TechStars is harder than getting into the Ivy League Schools! While it may be one of the most sought after accelerators, the programs are currently present only in Boston, Boulder, New York, San Antonio and Seattle!

4. PlugAndPlay

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Unlike the other incubators, PlugAndPlay helps develop the right kind of connections for the startups under them. Most of the offices they have, function as co working spaces, giving people the option to build brand value and increase the recognition of the brand on a global level. With more than a 100 partnerships spread across the world, PlugAndPlay works because of the vast space it offers!

5. Seedcamp

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Founded in the year 2007 and based out of London, Seedcamp gives startups an access to almost over 100 of the most promising startups in Europe. Every year, almost 20 startups are selected by Seedcamp and with the kind of work they do, they help in increasing the presence of the startups not just in Europe, but all over the world.

In a world where there is always a push and pull for doing something different, startup incubators help in increasing the presence of the brand. If you think we missed out on any other incubators and accelerators, comment and let us know!

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5G Network And Everything You Need To Know



5G Network And Everything You Need To Know,Startup Stories,Latest Technology News 2019,5G Network,5G Network in India,5G Mobile Network,5G Network Updates,5G Network Basics,5G wireless Networks

5G mobile networks, the next generation of internet networks, is all set to hit the market. While this network isn’t entirely going to replace the market right away, 5G is becoming famous for its speed, deliverability, increased capacity and lower latency. Before your smartphones become activated with this network, here is everything you need to know about this new spectrum:

What does 5G stand for?

Simply put, 5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless technology. While the first generation was launched in the year 1983, the multiple variants through the years have become faster and more user friendly. For the average user, the biggest change from 4G to 5G will be an improvement in the speed and in the kind of response you can expect from this network.

The performance

Smaller  cell ‘phones are one of the key features to be  expected as a result of the unveiling of the 5G network. Unlike its predecessor, this new spectrum  would provide an increase in data capacity. One of the major advantages of this could be an increase  of internet connections not just in the large cities, but in the smaller ones as well. With the addition of smaller cells, users  could expect an improved performance not just in terms of internet speed, but in terms of battery life, as less power would be required.

Everything the 5G can do

With  5G flying on the wings of speed, the primary thing users  could expect from this new network, is quick transfer of data. Apart from transferring photos, videos and files at lightning speed, this new network can also open up room for new technologies based on data. In fact, Verizon has already been working with companies which are likely to use 5G. So far, it has teamed up with companies which enables doctors to perform surgeries remotely, let people make calls through holograms and augmented reality enabled for movies!

The launch of 5G

While 5G has been made available by companies like Qatar’s Ooredoo and Verizon, the official version isn’t expected to roll out until the 1st of June. AT&T, which placed its first 5G call in September 2018, plans  to launch the service across 12 cities by the end of the year.

Although 5G is not going to be available as an upgrade, it will be made available for new phones. Stay tuned for more updates about the 5G network!

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Apps Which Help Increase Your Efficiency



Apps Which Help Increase Your Efficiency,Startup Stories,Nine apps that will improve your productivity at work,Free Apps That Will Guarentee An Increase In Your Productivity,Apps for Improving Productivity,Best Organisation Apps to Improve Your Efficiency,Best Productivity Apps To Help You Do More In Less Time

Like it or not, there are two kinds of people in this world. The first is the kind that likes to organise all their tasks and make sure they are done by the end of the day, no matter what. The second is the kind that no matter how much they try, they just cannot finish everything they need to by the time the day ends. If you fall under the second category, then do not worry, because we have your back. Here is a list of apps which, not only are easily available, but are designed to help you finish all your tasks!

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist did so well when it was launched, it quickly became everyone’s go to app. Apart from letting you create a list of all the tasks you have for the day, this app lets you share the list with people around you. Not only that, this app also lets the people you share the list with edit your content so as to make sure you don’t miss out on any tasks. A bonus point for this app is that the interface was designed so well, it doesn’t get affected even if two people are using it at the same time! Wunderlist did so well within the first few years of its launch, it was brought over by Microsoft!

2. Todoist

Launched in the year 2007, Todoist became so popular, it attracted a user base of more than 5 million people. Unlike  others, what makes this app unique is that it offers you a reward of sorts every time you complete a task on your list. From giving you constant reminders on task deadlines and to letting you structure your work as per preferences, this app is every muddled up person’s dream come true.


With an interface which is absolutely mesmerising, is a godsend for people with too many things to finish in a day. Apart from giving you the option of organising your tasks on a day to day basis and to changing your tasks according to preference, this app has a new feature called The Moment. This feature gives you a daily update every morning and reminds you to set your calender for the day. Apart from this, features like direction through voice and the ability to close your task once completed by shaking the phone, this app is quite a fun tool. Because after all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

4. Things

An Apple loyalist, Things is quite a beautifully designed app. Without a loud and over the top interface reminding you to finish your tasks, this app is designed to look like a pocket friendly paper. An added bonus? This app can be integrated into your Apple watch, thereby giving you the opportunity to tick off things on your list by looking at your hand. If you want a pretty app which tells you what to do, then Things is what you should get.

5. SmarterTime

One of the main reasons people can’t organise their time is because they don’t know where it goes. SmartTime helps track your time according to where you spend it the most and gives you a clear understanding of how much time you spend per task. All you have to do is to feed data into the app and it calculates how much time you spend on each activity you do per day. Like Things is dedicated to only Apple users, SmarterTime is currently available only for those using Android phones.

Chalking out your day can be quite a daunting process. However, if you have an app which organises all your tasks for you, then your life becomes extremely simple. If you think we missed out on any other apps like these, comment and let us know!

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Artificial Intelligence And How Its Being Used In Education



Artificial Intelligence,How AI Used In Education,Startup Stories,Technology News 2019,Artificial Intelligence In Education,Education Sector,Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education,AI in Education 2019,Latest AI Technology 2019

From sensors which are enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) to enabling automatic car parking facilities and to turning ordinary homes into smart homes, AI has penetrated into literally every major field possible. It comes as no surprise AI is used in the education field as well. Here is how AI is making the education sector a better and smarter place:

1. Automating grading

While grading in school is a simple process, grading for college level students can be quite an arduous task. Although AI doesn’t do everything a human being can when it comes to grading, AI is still reducing the amount of effort which goes into this process. EdX, a startup created as a joint collaboration between MIT and Harvard, is making this feat possible. As of today, 11 universities are working toward developing the AI based technology, which replicates humanised grading. Once the software is perfected, the reduction in the amount of time spent grading papers will help teachers focus on more important things.

2. Tailor made learning  

One of the major benefits of AI being involved in education is right from kindergarten to graduate school, AI helps in increasing the amount of attention students receive. Just like OTT platforms streamlining content to suit the users’ needs, the education field is using AI to curate content based on what suits the students. By doing so, AI is helping the education system work toward helping students at all levels of intellect grow.

3. Smart content

One of the things which is working really well in the education field is the addition of smart content. With robots being able to create content which is just as grammatically correct as when humans write it, smart content is the most sought after field right now. AI is being used to create simplified content, flash cards and learning systems which help students understand the material better. Not a new concept, companies like Cram101 are using AI to condense the material into a digestible study guide and comes with study cards, questionnaires and flash cards. Already a hot favourite, this platform has improved the way students learn.

4. Virtual lectures

With AI playing such a huge role in the education field, virtual lectures are becoming more and more common everyday. In fact, virtual lectures could very soon replace actual classroom lectures. Universities like the University of Southern California (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies is already developing an AI enabled 3D gaming and animation software to create social interactions through the virtual world. AI is being used so much, augmented reality is expected to soon become a part of the classroom as well!

5. Chat Campus

More often than not, finding all the answers to your questions when in university can be quite a tricky thing. To make this a simple task, the development of the Chat Campus at the University of Deakin in Victoria is in progress. Powered by IBM’s supercomputer system, Watson, this AI enabled chat bot can answer every question college going students have. From questions about class timings, to questions about assignments, this chatbot can provide every bit of information! With a development like this, AI is quite literally simplifying the life of a student on campus.

AI is being used to improve the lives of students in leaps and bounds. If you think we missed out on any other benefits which AI has in education, comment and let us know!

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