Remember the small lad from the movie “Taare Zameen Par”? Yes, we are talking about the guy who suffered from Dyslexia. Probably it might be the first time we heard about this learning disorder, dyslexia.

The same happened in real life to Deepshikha, who is now a 25-year-old motivational speaker and an author who overcame dyslexia. She overcame the disorder to follow her dreams and pursue her passion.

Deepshikha grew up in Patna and did her schooling there till class 7. Later she finished the rest of her education in Delhi and Hyderabad. The concern is all about her motor skills as it was quite challenging ones. Tasks like buttoning her shirts, tying shoelaces, writing p as q and b as d were one of those challenges she faced when she was a child.

It was only after watching the movie “Taare Zameen Par” when her mother discovered that Deepshikha was having that disorder. It was then a tough time for her as a child although her mom was little strong and confident about her.

Her father, however, lacked the patience to teach her, it was her mom who used various techniques and stories to make her grab things at a faster pace. Being a teacher by profession, her mom never gave up on her kid.

Deepshikha was not so popular, still, she was quite famous and loved by all in her school. As a dyslexic child, she would almost everytime fail in her English exams.
Life had changed a lot for her, she now holds a distinction in MBA.

Parents who will be supportive and patient can often change the world of a child suffering from dyslexia.

She also advises parents to avoid comparisons among the siblings at home. Teachers should always be encouraging and motivating the students rather than demoralizing them.

Currently, Deepshikha’s life changed to the best. She overcame dyslexia with the help of parents and teachers. She gave wings to her own dreams and passion. She is working presently in the Amrapali group.

Deepshikha also penned a book of poems named as “A Pinch Of Life – Sweet And Sour.” This book is a collection of 25 poems based on incidents in day to day life such as love, success, and failure.

Deepshikha often says that life is so far so good for her and have no regrets leading her life in this way. She is not only excited as the wedding bells are ready to ring but also for upcoming her project “Light The Lamp Within.”

At the end of her discussion, she eventually concluded by explaining the essence of the three magical words – “Never Give Up.”

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