The most important thing is to focus, focus, focus. – Lei Jun

As the world grew attached to the Internet and smartphones, eight Chinese masterminds came together to create a phone that took that took the world by a storm! Lei Jun, Zhou Guangping, Huang Jiangji, Li Wanqiang, Hong Feng, Lin Bin, Liu De and Wang Chuan created one of the best brands to emerge from China.

Let’s take a look at these successful entrepreneurs.

1. Lei Jun

Jun Lei is the lesser known founder, chairman and CEO of the company. He was part of the founding team of Kingsoft in 1992 and became its CEO in 1998. He is at present the 12th richest man in China and the 22nd richest man in the technology sector according to Forbes. Jun’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 6.8 billion.

“When facing many complicated issues, I think confidence is the most important thing,” Lei Jun.

2. Lin Bin

Lin Bin is the President of the smartphone company. He graduated from Drexel University with a Master’s in computer science and went on to work with Microsoft. He also became the engineering director for Google Global and the vice president of the Google China Institute of Engineering. In March 2015, Lin Bin was ranked as the 87th richest man on the Forbes Billionaires List, with an estimated net worth of $ 13.2 billion.
3. Li Wanqiang

Li Wanqiang, is the current head of ecommerce team and the vice president of Xiaomi. Li headed the MUI and teams when the company was founded. He also worked at Kingsoft as the general manager of Kingsoft Dictionary, chief designer of the UI Department, director of Design Center and director of Internet Content. He is considered to be one of the earliest UI and HCI experts in China.
4. Zhou Guangping
Senior Vice President and Director of Xiaomi’s MI Phone Team, Guangping Zhou initially worked at Motorola as the Chief of Hardware R&D of the Ming series. He was the senior director of the Motorola Beijing R&D Center. He also served as the chief engineer and director of the R&D Center of Motorola Personal Communication Department, vice chairman of the Mobile Patent Committee in Motorola China Research Academy and the vice chairman of Cellphone Quality Control in Motorola Asia Pacific. He has a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech University in Electrical Engineering and currently leads the Hardware and BSP teams.
5. Huang Jiangji

Computer Science graduate from Purdue University Huang Jiangji, worked for Microsoft from 1997 – 2010 where he became the Principal Development Manager. He has served as an independent director for Xiaomi since January 2015 and currently leads the Mi WiFi and Mi Cloud teams. While at Microsoft, he oversaw the development of products such as the high performance analysis system of Microsoft’s business servers and B2B systems.
6. Hong Feng
Vice President and head of the MUI division of Xiaomi, Hong Feng has a Computer Science and Engineering degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University. He has also worked at Siebel and at Google as the Senior Product Manager of Google China and has led the Google China team.
7. Wang Chuan

Vice President Wang Chuan graduated from Beijing University of Technology with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Before Xiaomi, he founded Thunder Stone Technology Ltd., in 1997 and led the company to be the largest audio visual entertainment equipment supplier in China. Wang is currently the CEO of Beijing Duokan Technology Co., Ltd., which he founded in 2010. He became the Vice President of Xiaomi in 2012 and is the current director for Internet TV related products such as Mi TV and Mi Box.
8. Liu De

Liu De was one of the only 20 Chinese students to receive a diploma from Art Center College of Design in 80 years. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design and returned to China to establish the Industrial Design Department at Beijing University of Technology. Liu founded and served as chief designer of New Edge, an industrial design company in 2013 and was also a partner of Rethink Concept in LA. He is the vice president of the company and leads Xiaomi’s Industrial Design and Ecosystem Development programs.

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