When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to lifeJohnLennon
A lot of people tend to get confused with success and happiness. To break it down, success does not necessarily lead to happiness, but happiness forms a strong pillar of success. Till date, we have given all the aspiring entrepreneurs tips on being the next big success story, told the stories of some of the most inspiring people in the world and hopefully helped you develop a strong startup company. Today, deviating from the topic a little bit we would like to talk about why it is as important to be happy in life as it is to be successful.

In the race to be the first in the line, people tend to forget that it does not matter who came first, the chicken or the egg. Once cooked with the right ingredients, both are delicious to eat. Being successful will bring you the millions in your bank account, a luxurious life and a life long supply of pizza, but none of these will matter if you miss out on a peaceful mind and a happy soul. Even Biryani seems incomplete without the Mirchi ka Salan, onion raita and Pepsi. Every samosa shared over a cup of coffee with friends in college is worth so much more than a finely prepared 5 star meal eaten alone. Happiness is the Rs. 10 samosa that will fill the stomach, heart and soul which tastes better when shared with friends, family and colleagues. It is important to remember that a joy shared is a joy doubled. The joy of getting pass marks after your friend taught you the entire syllabus an hour before the exam trumps being a CEO, sitting alone in the corner office.

The highest on the hierarchy of goals, Happiness is also the most difficult to achieve. The need to be happy is the underlying motivation for all the other life goals and ambitions. It is the necessity that drives the invention. Therefore, it only seems logical to put happiness first. Any entrepreneur happy with the work they are doing, satisfied with their growth will also be able to lead the company to success. A happy entrepreneur is grateful for what they have, is prepared to take action every day, eats well, gets enough rest, is organized, experiments and celebrates the smaller wins to achieve the bigger dream.Happiness is a state of being. It allows a person to take on challenges with confidence because they are prepared to face the consequence and slowly, but surely rise to the top. Success will not mean much if you don’t have the right state of mind to appreciate the win. Failure will seem like a puddle if you are able to embrace the imperfections and live your dream. Therefore, while success is the destination, happiness it the journey which teaches you about the purpose of the destination. Clap along if you know what happiness means to you. 

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