Flipkart will be collaborating with the world’s largest social media giant, Facebook to make an app which will be working great on low connectivity networks, as well as low-cost phones to target wider audiences. The whole idea is to make the site work on the low network because it consumes low data without compromising the experience.
Other than cutting down the size of the application, Flipkart is also looking to slash the regular updates to the apps. The company is currently experimenting with Facebook’s React Native Framework. This allows you to build apps using only JavaScript.
The primary goal of this framework is to make the website which is known as Flipkart Lite, even lighter for the Indian masses. Flipkart enables low data consuming and will be capable of running on 2G networks in rural areas. Flipkart’s app will be having an in-house built-in technology which reduces the number of updates to one-third of it. The company wants to increase the number of users on the site which ultimately cuts down the data usage.

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