Facebook has unveiled a new standalone virtual reality headset Oculus Go, that does not require a separate computer to operate. The new headset allows for more mobility than the company’s existing Oculus Rift product as it does not require a smartphone or a cord tethering to function.

Priced at $ 199, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the latest VR product at Oculus’ annual virtual reality developers conference held in San Jose, California. Speaking about the virtual reality headset, Zuckerberg said, “I am more committed than ever to the future of virtual reality.”

Since acquiring Oculus in 2014, Facebook has invested heavily in virtual reality hardware. The social media giant launched their Oculus Rift headsets a year ago, which was priced at $ 599 and required a computer to power the headset. Although the price was eventually lowered by a $ 100 dollars, Rift did not support mobility and had to be connected via cables and wires at all times. 

Oculus Go, on the other hand, is meant to be a higher quality version of the cheaper VR headsets that are powered by users’ smartphones. Straddling the sweet spot between the expensive Rift and other portable and a cheaper smartphone powered VR headsets, Go will run with the same VR as the Samsung Gear. Packed with a high resolution fist switch LCD screen along with a ‘next generation lens’ and wide field of view. It comes with an added spatial audio with the speakers built into the headset along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack for private listening.

According to Facebook, the Oculus Go is a super lightweight, all in one device which will represent a huge leap in the manufacturing of comfortable, easy to use VR devices with high visual clarity. Zuckerberg added Oculus Go will be “the most accessible VR experience ever.”

At present, major technology companies such as Microsoft and Google are working on virtual reality related hardware. Technology company Nokia, however, has pulled out of the VR race claiming the market was developing ‘slower than expected.’


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