On Monday, Google announced it’s new feature “List” added to its Maps. This lets the users create lists of their favorite places and share them with their friends who are in their contacts.

This new feature is created to avoid the fuss while deciding for social gatherings.

This new feature is available for both iOS and Android versions of the app. The ultimate goal of constructing this app is to make users remember the places they love. This also helps its users who had just moved to a new place.

Your list may comprise of all those places you have visited or you want to go in your near future. Maybe it is your favorite getaway, your favorite food courts or fashion boutiques of your choice you can save any or all of these.

You also have an option of editing the list when you are offline. This is how you create and save your list.

Open Menu >> Your Places >> open Saved >> click on the plus sign at the bottom right corner >> Add your places.

If you want to open the place you wanted to add to a new list, then follow the order.

Tap on ‘Save’ >> Select ‘Create A New List’

Whenever you family and friends enter your town, all you need to do is tap the share button to get a link. Once they get the link, they can tap ‘Follow’ to pull up the list from your places whenever they need.

You can also share a link to your list through social media on your phone via SMS, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Twitter and even Facebook.

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