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iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X – Specifications



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The most awaited iPhone models were finally unveiled at the Apple product keynote event held in the new head office in Apple Park in California. After many rumors, leaks and speculations the world was finally introduced to the future of smartphones, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

iPhone 8

The small version of the iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inch Retina HD display. The new phone has a steel reinforced glass back that allows for wireless charging. The iPhone 8 is a successor to last year’s iPhone 7 with very similar features and minimal upgrades. The dust and water resistant phone still features a 12 MP camera but holds additional color filters and a new sensor. Software upgrades allow users to make easier lighting effects adjustments and the slow motion video capture is smoother at 240 frames per second. The phone also packs a faster CPU with the new A11 Bionic processing chip, which has four efficiency cores that are up to 70 percent faster than A10 Fusion. The A11 Bionic chip will allow users to text and browse the web quickly while using less energy and helps AR games and apps reach a new level of fluidity and realism. The phone will come with the new iOS 11 that was released earlier this year.

iPhone 8 Plus –

The iPhone 8 Plus is the taller version of the iPhone 8 with a dual camera. This 5.5 inch phone will pack two 12 MP primary cameras for wide angle and telephoto photography. The wide angle camera holds a f/1.8 six element lens with optical image stabilization and a larger, faster 12 MP sensor while the telephoto camera holds a f/2.8 lens. The 8 Plus comes with the famous iPhone feature Portrait Mode with portrait lighting which uses facial detection and depth maps to capture portraits with striking shadows, spotlight effects and more.

Both the phones pack a 7 MP front camera with retina flash, wide color capture, advanced pixel technology and auto image stabilization. 

iPhone X –

The iPhone X is a complete redesign of the product which packs more new features than any of their previous releases. Moving away from the traditional iPhone look, the iPhone X has a head to foot screen with a trapezoidal notch at the top for the front cameras and sensors. The 5.8 inch OLED screen will have a super retina display and TrueTone technology for white balancing the screen in different conditions. The phone will not host a home button, therefore, the power button will have more functionality. Long press the power button to activate the Apple assistant, Siri and double click for Apple Pay. Similar to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X will also run on A11 Bionic chip with 3 GB RAM. X also allows for wireless charging and will work with current Qi pads by companies like Mophie and Belkin. The camera of the iPhone X is just like the dual camera available in the iPhone 8 Plus but the bump runs vertically instead of horizontally. 

Face Scanning

Apple has finally replaced the fingerprint scanner with a face scanner which cannot be fooled using masks or pictures. The users can set up face scanners through a short setup by simply peering into the front facing camera, framing your face just right, then turning your head left and right so the iPhone’s sensors can get a good look. An array of cameras and sensors are packed into a notch at the top of the screen that projects infrared dots onto the face to map it, captures that image and then use a dedicated processor to interpret the face data. 

Pre booking for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will begin on 15 September and will be available from 22 September while pre booking for the iPhone X opens on 27 October and will be available only from 3 November.

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Amazon Opens Automated Grocery Store – Amazon Go


on Inc., the global ecommerce giant will launch the first of its kind supermarkets without checkouts, human or self service on Monday in Seattle. According to BBC, this revolutionary supermarket, Amazon Go, has been tested by Amazon staff for the past year.

Amazon Go store relies on cameras and sensors to track shoppers and maintain a list of what shoppers remove from the shelves and what they put back. Making cash registers and checkout lines superfluous, customers buying products from the Go store will be billed after leaving the store using credit cards on file.

A row of gates guards the entrance to the store and shoppers can only enter after they scan their Amazon Go app. The 1,800 square foot mini market is packed with shelves of food and will be open from 7 A.M. To 9 P.M. Monday to Friday. Speaking about the newest venture, the Vice President of Technology, Dilip Kumar said, “(the idea behind Amazon go is to) push the boundaries of computer vision and machine learning and to create an effortless experience for customers.

According to Amazon, the technology used in the Amazon Go store is so accurate that the sensors can detect minute changes and distinguish between multiple people standing side by side at a shelf. The tracking is precise enough to detect which customer picked up a yogurt or a cupcake and track which customers are simply browsing. Technology website GeekWire reported, the system also knows when people pick up items and put them back in case customers simply wanted to read the label. While the company has remained tight lipped about the technology it’s using in its sensors and tracking devices, can see and identify every item in the store, without attaching a special chip to every item.

Amazon further added the technology will not replace employees but streamline the shopping process. Associates and employees will be put on different tasks including restocking shelves and helping customers troubleshoot any technical problems and help customers find items. According to people who have tested the store, Amazon sends an electronic receipt for purchases only a few minutes after walking out of the store. The Head of Amazon Go, Gianna Puerini, speaking about the technology said, “This technology didn’t exist, it was really advancing the state of the art of computer vision and machine learning.” The company has already released official Amazon Go apps on iOS and Android and customers can use their existing Amazon credentials to log in to the Amazon Go app.

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WhatsApp Launches Business Application



WhatsApp Launches Business Application,Startup Stories,Startup Stories India,2018 Latest Business News,2018 Technology News,WhatsApp New App Features,WhatsApp Business App,WhatsApp Business App for Small Businesses,WhatsApp Launches New App,WhatsApp Business News 2018,WhatsApp New Business App

WhatsApp, the global messaging service launched its flagship WhatsApp Business App in America, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom, yesterday. However, the app is currently available only for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Business aims to enable better communication between businesses and their customers. Currently, a majority of WhatsApp’s 1 billion users base already use the app for their small businesses to connect with audiences and customers. According to the Facebook owned company, the Business app will be rolled out to businesses in the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

This standalone app will help businesses give their customers useful information such as business description, email or store addresses and website links. Along with the information, businesses will also be able to provide quick automated replies to frequently asked questions. The app will also have new features to send greeting messages that introduce customers to the business and away messages that let customers know if the executives are busy. Businesses using the app will also be able to check the statistics about messages that are read by the customers among other user metrics.

In order to separate the businesses from the customers, accounts will be identified as a business account and businesses will soon be able to have confirmed accounts when their account and business phone numbers match. The company also claims more than 80% of its small business users in Brazil and India say they find the WhatsApp messaging service helpful for communicating with their customers and grow their business.

At the same time, customers who already use the app to communicate with businesses won’t need to download the new application. WhatsApp said, “(Users will) continue to have full control over the messages they receive, with the ability to block any number, including businesses, as well as report spam.” While the current app is free to use, WhatsApp is reportedly planning to offer some business tools as paid services in the future, according to Chief Operating Officer Matthew Idema.

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Karnataka To Fund Startups From Across The Country



Karnataka To Fund Startups From Across Country,Startup Stories,2018 Latest Business News,Inspirational Stories 2018,Karnataka Fund Startups,Startup Funding 2018 News,Karnataka Tech Fund Startups,Karnataka Funding Support to Tech Startups,Karnataka Government Fund Startups,Karnataka Entrepreneurs and Startups,Prime Minister Narendra Modi Startup India initiative

The Karnataka Government will fund startups from pan India by calling them to register in Karnataka. According to IT Minister of Karnataka, Priyank Kharge, entrepreneurs and startups across the country seeking funds can soon look up to the Karnataka government.

The IT Minister further added, “We want to take our startup policy to the national level this year. We will support startups from across the country provided they pay taxes here.” For this purpose, entrepreneurs registered in Karnataka under the Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1961 can apply for funds and other initiatives. The Minister, however, did not elaborate on when this new phase will kick off and whether more funds will be allocated.

The Karnataka government was one of the first governments in India to launch their startup policy in 2015 in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Startup India initiative. Since then, the government has set up several funds with a corpus of over Rs. 300 crores to back startups across different sectors such as biotechnology, tourism and animation. In accordance with their five year startup plan, the State Government is aiming to boost 20,000 technology based startups by 2020 in Karnataka and create 6 lakh direct and 12 lakh indirect new jobs in the sector. In 2017 alone, 250 startups received funding from the from the Government while 5000 startups were registered under the policy.

In October last year, the Karnataka government also invested Rs. 40 crores in the construction of a state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) and data science capabilities center. The Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence aims to help global companies create approximately 35,000 jobs over the next five years for data science and artificial intelligence professionals. In August, the State government also provided funding worth Rs. 35 crores to 100 innovative startups through its Elevate 100 program.

According to the data from research firm Tracxn, till date, Karnataka has funded 890 startups while Maharashtra funded 645 and Delhi NCR funded 419. Currently, 7909 startups were founded in Karnataka following Maharashtra with 8117 startups.

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