There is some good news for Youtube users. Now, that there will be an end to those annoying ads which interrupt you while watching your favorite videos.

The world’s most popular video site Youtube, which is owned by Google, has said that it will soon stop including the 30-second advertisement video that shows up while the user is watching the video.

The only aim behind these changes is to give users the more entertaining and engaging videos.

But, there is some bad news too. For this change to occur, one has to wait until 2018. Yes, this change will happen after ten more months for the users to have an unskippable video.

According to our sources, Google declared that it will now focus on other commercial formats which provide better ads experience for online users.

However, currently, YouTube has 15-second ads as well as 20-second ads apart from the current 30 seconds video promos.

This all came to the decision of social media giant Facebook declared that it will also allow its users to enjoy the streamlined videos like that of YouTube.

Well, what is pending now is the official confirmation from YouTube.

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