Facebook’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be forced by the Facebook’s shareholders to leave Facebook. According to the reports, the shareholders dislike Mark to be among the Board of Directors of the company.

Zuckerberg who has been on board since 2012 might be replaced with an independent chairperson who can bring the company forward with better corporate governance and pro-share holder agenda.

If sources are to be believed, this idea has been initiated SumOfUs. This is a global consumer watchdog, an online community that campaigns to hold big corporations accountable on certain issues like worker’s rights, discrimination, human rights.

According to the reports of VentureBeats, this move was followed by a petition filed by 3,33,000 people who asked the removal of Mark Zuckerberg as the chairperson of the board of directors.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg who is both the founder and the CEO of Facebook will be hardly affected by this petition by SumOfUs, as he owns a considerable amount of company’s shares and has a big say in the decision making ways of the company.

The proposal by VentureBeat claims that the combination of two roles in a single person might weaken a corporation’s governance, which ultimately harms the shareholder value.

The proposal also claims to say: “we believe that independent board leadership would be particularly constructive at Facebook as our company faces increasing criticism regarding its role in the promotion of misleading news, censorship and hate speech.”

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