Motherhood is the loveliest as well as the hardest part in a woman’s life. Apart from sleep deprivation and fluctuating mood swings, there are many other things which a new mom faces in her initial stages of motherhood.

This forces them to join mom’s group, postnatal yoga classes, music classes, basically all such things which drives away their loneliness and can make new friends.

Michelle Kennedy, a young entrepreneur comes out with a new dating app named Peanut exclusively for new moms out there.

Peanut is an interesting concept. This app as of now is available only to ios. IT acts a bit like a platonic dating website for new moms who are interested in hanging out with the like-minded people. This app has some exclusive features which are absent in the traditional dating apps.

It has the ability to start new chats, launch polls and plan meetups between like-minded moms. This matchmaking is quite interesting. Users can say that they are interested, they wave by swiping up. When another mother waves back the app highlights their shared interests to start a conversation. Peanut app seamlessly reminds these events to you by marking it on the calendar.

All you need to do is log in via facebook or your personal account and are invited to share your details of your child’s age and gender etc. Next, the app selects who will suit best to you. You can connect individually or through groups. You can 20 people in the chat and poll meeting times within the chat.

The brain behind this app Michelle Kennedy is also a new mom, and she learned as the other moms that modern parenting involved a new language. However, Michelle Kennedy, 30 years, has 6 years experience in technology first as the CEO of the dating app Badoo, another feminist dating app Bumble and now she is going to come up with Peanut for moms which are soon yet to release this week.

Peanut is available today on ios as a free download.

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