Mahesh Murthy, the founder of Pinstorm, misbehaves with a young lady entrepreneur. According to our reports, Co-Founder of Pooja Chauhan lodged a complaint against him saying Mahesh Murthy was allegedly misbehaving with her on a Whatsapp chat.

She shared a screenshot of her Whatsapp and said: “I wished Mahesh a merry Christmas and a new year, he replied with a message which I did not expect from a man like him.”

This is the second time where he was in the news for misbehaving with a young lady entrepreneur. The first time, it was Frshday Founder Wamika Iyer from Mumbai who lodged a complaint against him.

Wamika Iyer was seeking help from Mahesh for taking her startup to the next level. During this conversation, she found him speaking irrelevant things.

Wamika Iyer said: “It is really shocking to see these famous venture capitalists trying to exploit rising women entrepreneurs. These men are the worst kind of insects that exist in our country, even worse than the uneducated rapists.”

The following are screenshots of other inappropriate Mahesh Murthy chats.



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