Technology giant, Samsung, recently released a new advertisement taking its users on a trip down the memory lane. In this advertisement, Samsung mocked its rival, Apple, by taking them through the last ten years. The rivalry between both the technology giants dates back decades with Samsung releasing a new ad every time Apple announces a new phone.

Samsung highlighted the difference between both the companies in this advertisement showing that Samsung has always been one step ahead of Apple. The Korea based company released the 60 second video titled “Growing Up” during the NFL broadcasts. The commercial begins in 2007 with the first generation iPhone and criticizes all the major iPhones released since then.

The advertisement went on to mock Apple’s phone running out of storage, not being waterproof, not having a stylus or a headphone jack and the lack of a wireless charging support. By the end of the video, 10 years later, the main character succumbs and buys his first Samsung.

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