The internet is a continuously evolving world. In a time and space where everything changes, getting hold of one modification after another is nothing short of a confusing exercise. Customization is a bane in the guise of a boon. The newly updated WhatsApp emojis are a perfect example of just that. WhatsApp has now decided to move away from the Apple emojis, by coming up with its own set of icons.

The new set of WhatsApp icons are visible in the beta range. For those who have lost track of the different updates, there are now three sets of emojis. This means that Facebook and Messenger (unless you’re using IOS) have their own set of emojis, WhatsApp has its own set and Instagram’s emojis are the ones that have been set on default.

The decision by WhatsApp, to change these emojis comes as one that surprised the 1.2 billion users all over the world. A radical change is always a welcome one. However, these “new and improved” emojis seem to be more of a rip off on the existing Apple emojis. This change addresses a major concern. The growing influence of the internet on our daily lives asks for constant change, with nothing being permanent and this is just one example of the situation.

These updates come as a way to make sure that the app takes itself away from third party developers. This is also being done to ensure that there is a unique system between the users of the app. The changes are here to stay and it’s time that we, as devoted and avid users, get rid of the past and embrace a brand new and exciting present!

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