Uber came up with an innovative technology of selfie powered real time ID check for the drivers as well as the riders, most importantly this check is for the drivers of the cab. Uber’s latest security feature uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to provide better protection for the passengers.

In this feature, the drivers of the cab will be periodically asked to upload an instant selfie in their app before they accept the rides. Uber then compares this selfie with their previously uploaded photo in their records. This will be technically done with the help of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

If the two photos match, the ride will be continued. On the contrary, if these two photos do not match, the driver’s account will be temporarily blocked and Uber will look into this situation. This verification process will be done in just 3 to 4 seconds and this technology is successful in verifying more than 99% of drivers in the pilot program.

This latest security check is done to prevent any frauds like the driver’s account being hacked or misused.

Chief Security Officer of Uber Joe Sullivan, also confirmed that it also protects the riders by building another layer of accountability into the app to make sure the right person is sitting behind the wheel. He also added saying: “This initiative will go a long way in keeping our riders and drivers safe in the city and our rides will be reliable like never before.”

This unique feature is launched in five cities in India – Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkatta, and Hyderabad.

Uber had also added an SOS function by which the riders can connect directly to the police control room and also Uber’s internal response team as well, in case any emergency.

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