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25 startups were granted pre-seed funding by Gujarat University

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Nowadays, people are showing interest in launching their own startups rather than working for any other company. To inculcate the entrepreneurship values and to encourage budding entrepreneurs, government is also coming up with new campaigns for it. Startup India by Government of India and T-hub by Telangana State Government are of that kind.

Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) in association with Gujarat CSR Authority also initiated a campaign called Jump Start, an opportunity for startups to get pre-seed funding. They received applications from 350 startups, out of which 50 applications have been moved forward. The shortlisted startups are invited for an interview and 25 startups became eligible for pre-seed funding.

Through this Jump Start, the selected startups are granted with a pre-seed fund of Rs. 40,000, necessary infrastructure, incubation and mentorship for their growth and development.

The most start ups which are selected are incubated in GU Startup and Entrepreneurship Council and Gujarat University. Only a few are out of Gujarat University. But after being selecting for this Jump Start, all startups are given the same preference. The rest 25 startups among the shortlisted are given with infrastructure support, incubation and mentorship at GUSEC.

To advance and support the budding entrepreneurs in the University, GUSEC was established in November 2015. The Gujarat University SEC has the capacity to incubate 80 startups. Till today it has supported 43 startups. Presently 36 startups are incubated in it.

The mission of GUSEC is to create job creators, not the job seekers. It also plans to set up a centralized startup support system for all the colleges under it.

The 25 startups which are selected for the grant are:

1) Sudaksha: It adapts drone technology in real time to improve the stability without the requirement of calibration.

2) Synbiotic Foods: This food startup offer products with Spirulina to improve nutrition levels. Also, they provide a combo of prebiotics and probiotics.

3) Sports Wearable: It is an IoT device to record and analyze the data of an athlete and gives feedback.

4) WeHear: They are working on hearing aids for deaf people. This device is BlueTooth enabled and the user can listen to songs and speak on phone.

5) My Class Campus: For effective communication among teachers, students, parents and management, My Class Campus is a personalized application for that purpose.

6) Resource Center for Actuarial Mathematics: It is a center for actuarial studies which involves advanced mathematics and statistics.

7) Funkaar Gigs: It is a connection between musicians and people who are looking for musicians.

8) Tractor Sodho: It is a rental service provider for farm machinery and equipment.

9) Planet Earthligs: They develop a virtual world and network to bring all children around the world to learn at a place.

10) CampusYaari: They developed a custom merchandise solutions for small and big brands.

11) Chemsol: Developed a synthetic method for a cancer drug, which may change how drugs are made around the globe.

12) Salubrious Gujarat: They are working to explore medicinal plants for critical illness.

13) Wittybrowns: They are to introduce moral and practical education to students across several schools.

14) D.A.C.H: It is called as De Assemble Camera Holster. It is used to decrease the weight of professional camera from neck and shoulders to the waist of the photographer.

15) SciTech: They are working to develop scientific approach and aptitude in children up to age 14 years.

16) Infin24: They are a guide to customers to buy mutual funds and financial assistance to customers.

17) Lutalica: It is a forum of the same kind of writers to share and express their thoughts.

18) PreBOO: It is an application which enables tutors and teachers to send reports and other activities of the student to parents.

19) StudentDesk: It is a platform where students can sell, buy, exchange and donate their books.

20) App-based Ambulance Calling and Tracking: A mobile based application which enables to request an ambulance on phone.

21) CashBasket: It is a platform where the customer can find many discount coupons and cash cards.

22) Luminati: They are with an innovative idea to design smart clothing.

23) ieacon: They have created a new platform to interact with customers. By this, the distance between the customers and merchants can be decreased.

24) BrainyBottle: They developed a mechanism for the self-destruction of used plastic and aluminum bottles.

25) Kollegians: It is a college management system which can host data from multiple colleges at a time.

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Marissa Mayer Creates Tech Startup Incubator

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Marissa Mayer Creates Tech Startup Incubator,Former Yahoo CEO Creates Tech Startup Incubator,Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer starts Tech Startup Incubator, Marissa Mayer sets up Tech Startup Incubator,Marissa Mayer Startup Incubator updates,Featured,Startup News India, startup stories

Marissa Mayer, the former chief executive officer (CEO) of Yahoo, is starting a brand new business incubator called Lumi Labs in partnership with long time colleague, Enrique Munoz Torres. According to reports, the new business incubator will aim to focus on consumer media and artificial intelligence.

While the incubator in itself is extremely intriguing, what makes the idea all the more exciting is the fact that Mayers is going back to the roots of her work. It is a homecoming of sorts for her as Mayer has rented out Google’s original office in Palo Alto, California, where she had started her career as a 24 year old Stanford University graduate.

This particular Google office has a lot of special things attached to its name. The office was home to online payments company, PayPal, which was started by a host of co founders including Tesla founder, Elon Musk. Marrisa was selected as the 20th employee of Google in the year 1999 and was in fact, the first female engineer to get a job at the largest search engine!

Mayer left the Google office after 13 long years and joined Yahoo in the year 2012 for five long years! Despite being regarded as the Geek Goddess at Google, she failed to revive Yahoo’s stalled business even after trying her best. While not a lot has been revealed about the new business incubator Mayer’s and Torres are working on, the premise in itself looks extremely exciting. With more and more people venturing into the field of artificial intelligence, the fact that Mayer’s business will be combined with consumer media is what will eventually make all the difference!

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Facebook Embroiled In Yet Another Controversy

Smruthi Kishore



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Just days after Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of the Senate, our favourite CEO seems to have gotten himself involved in yet another controversy. The two days of hearing confirmed that Zuckerberg would make sure the Cambridge Analytica data leaks issue would be resolved as soon as possible. While this may have temporarily satiated the growing unrest faced by Facebook, a seemingly off handed made by Zuckerberg sparked off yet another serious issue.

Zuckerberg while responding to U.S. Representative Ben Luján sparked another controversy, as he revealed, “For security reasons, Facebook also collects data of people who have not signed up for Facebook.” While the concerns over the security of WhatsApp’s payment based data appear to be settling down, Facebook’s scenario is different. The matter seems too deep to settle down.

Clarifying the issue, Zuckerberg made a statement saying, “When you make a payment, WhatsApp creates the necessary connection between the sender and recipient of the payment, using Facebook infrastructure. We pass the transaction information to the bank partner, which is called a PSP (payment service provider) and to the NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India,) so they can facilitate the movement of funds between the sender’s and receiver’s bank accounts.”

Furthermore, WhatsApp said it does not divulge all the data revealed by the users and said in a statement, “In some cases, we may share limited data to help provide customer support to you or keep payments safe and secure.” While this may seem like a tender coating on a serious issue, the controversies just seem to keep increasing for Zuckerberg. During the two days Congressional grilling session, it became very apparent that Facebook is primarily owned by the founder.

Thanks to the firm’s stock structure, its public investors, even those with $1 billion (£ 70 million) holdings, do not have much say on the company’s future. So far, the investors haven’t raised their voice over the structuring of the shares. However, with the Cambridge Analytica issue blowing up in his face like it has, the time is now ripe to on the tyranny that has become Zuckerberg. By the looks of things, however, it seems the eccentric founder isn’t ready to give up control just yet. Now, only time will tell about the online social media’s platforms future.


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Ola Launching 100,000 Electric Vehicles In The Next 12 Months

Smruthi Kishore



Ola Launching 100000 Electric Vehicles In Next 12 Months,Startup Stories,2018 Latest Business News,Startup News India,Ola Launch Electric Vehicles,Mission Electric Program,Electric Cabs Vehicle,Ola Introduce Electric Three Wheelers,Ola Business News,Ola Cab Electric Vehicles

The SoftBank backed cab aggregator, Ola, announced its plan of adding 100,000 electric cars to its existing fleet. With a majority of these e vehicles being electric rickshaws, the cab aggregator wants to get this process sorted within the next 12 months as a part of the Mission Electric program.

The Bengaluru based company is aiming to get one million electric vehicles on its platform by 2021, to boost the electric vehicle ecosystem in the Country. “Three wheelers are a vital means of transportation and a source of livelihood for millions of people every day. It also represents an immediate opportunity to improve outcomes for all stakeholders while reducing pollution across towns and cities,” Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola co founder and CEO said in a statement.

Ola launched its first pilot electric vehicle program on 26 May, 2017. These pilot vehicles included electric cabs, electric auto rickshaws, electric buses, rooftop solar installations, charging stations, and battery swapping experiments. However, the pilot vehicles failed to take off when they were launched. According to several reports, Ola cab drivers did not like the long waiting time and said the charging centres were not sufficient.

Furthermore, the report also said the drivers wanted to go back to the electric vehicles. More than a dozen electric car drivers of the 20 drivers interviewed in Nagpur, have either returned their electric taxis and switched to diesel, or are planning to do so. Ola also faced several other hurdles with electric vehicles and was even forced to close one following protests from residents angered by traffic jams caused by the taxi drivers.

“The EV program in Nagpur has provided Ola with significant insights into effectively managing vehicles, batteries, and operations. The company plans to continue its experimentation with ways to optimize batteries and charging, to develop a strong business model for EV deployment in the country” the company said in a statement.

The Bengaluru based cab aggregator has also said it is in talks with several state governments to make sure the electric vehicles are deployed properly. The policies used are going to make sure the electric three wheelers are going to be as per the environmental regulations.

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