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5 Amazing Technologies Required For A Software Startup

Smruthi Kishore



5 Amazing Technologies Required For A Startup

By the time you implement your amazing Startup idea, you realize that there already exist a handful of people in the Startup bucket swimming across with their new innovation ideas.

Yes, the young entrepreneurs must be quick to implement what is there in the minds. Well, this is impossible without technology gimmicks. There are millions of technologies which make the life of a startup go smoother.

Here we make a compiled list of such technologies that Startups are using to change the world.


  • This stands for JavaScript Object Notification. This is a lightweight data interchange format which is easy for humans to read and write. JSON is a text format that is completely language independent but uses conventions familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages.
  • JSON is useful for exchanging and retrieving data that needs to be manipulated or mashed up.
  • Previously, people have been using XML for interchanging data but this is accompanied with some bumps. However, JSON seamlessly communicates with each other.

2) Ruby On Rails


  • Preferably called as RoR, is a server-side web application framework that provides default structures for a database, a web service, and a web page. On the whole, this helps to build a modern web application.
  • Many applications like GitHub, BaseCamp, Airbnb, Twitch and SoundCloud had been built with the help of this framework.
  • RoR is an open source software which is free to use and make best out of it.
  • Powerful web applications which were built in a span of more than 20 days can be made in a single day with RoR.
    Famous web applications like Twitter and Groupon are also using it.

3) NoSQL


  • This technology can be used to store an enormous amount of data. NoSQL can be used to store as well as retrieve the stored data efficiently with the bulk of processing done at the interface layer.
  • CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra are a few popular NoSQL databases.
  • One can store and retrieve large amount without affecting the performance.
  • Social media giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo have been using this.

4) Django

  • This is a complete high level web framework that encourages clean and rapid design. It ensures a hassle free web development so that you can be focused on your app. It’s free and an open source. It is ridiculously fast, reassuringly secure and exceedingly scalable.
  • Just like RoR, you can make web applications in Django.
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, and EventBrite have been using Django for its web development process.

5) Cloud Computing

  • May be you all are aware of cloud computing. It is an internet based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data.
  • Cloud Computing provides users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in either privately owned or third party data centers.
  • Cloud Computing enables the organizations to focus on their business instead of spending valuable time and money on computer infrastructure.
    Pinterest, Airbnb, Quora and NASA have been using it.

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Walmart To Buy Controlling Stakes In Flipkart By Next Week

Ramya GovindRaj



Walmart Buy Controlling Stakes In Flipkart,Walmart Buy Stakes Flipkart By Next Week,Startup Stories,Best Motivational Stories,Inspiring Stories 2018,2018 Latest Business News,Walmart Business News,Walmart Flipkart Business Deal,India Biggest Ecommerce Startup,Startup Funding News

America’s biggest retail firm Walmart Inc., may buy close to a 51% stake in India’s biggest ecommerce startup Flipkart by the end of next week. Reuters reported, according to two sources close to the matter, Walmart could acquire controlling stakes in Flipkart as early as next week.

The investment talks met a snag when SoftBank was reportedly not ready to sell its shares in the Indian ecommerce firm to Walmart. Currently, the Japan based venture firm owns about one fifth of Flipkart through its Vision Fund. However, sources report the stalemate ended but it is still unclear if SoftBank agreed to sell some of its shares in Flipkart. Sources also revealed, Walmart offered to buy SoftBank shares at a valuation of $12 billion, a price the Japanese tech investor considered to be low. MoneyControl reported Walmart may retain Flipkart’s management team including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kalyan Krishnamurthy. This investment could increase Flipkart’s valuation to about $20 billion, up from $12 billion last year.

India has become ground zero for the ecommerce ecosystem with big global players looking to invest in Indian firms and break into the market. Amazon India has also gone into overdrive in an attempt to emerge as the biggest shareholder of the Indian ecommerce industry which is expected to reach a market capitalization of $ 28 billion by 2020. Flipkart, on the other hand, envisioned as the ‘Amazon of India’ has raised over $6 billion in funding rounds so far and owns India’s largest online fashion retailers Myntra and Jabong.

According to a report by Morgan Stanley, India had up to 60 million online shoppers in 2016, which makes up to only 14% of the internet user base in the country. However, by 2026, these numbers are expected to rise to over 50%. Experts suggest, in the long run, this deal between Walmart and Flipkart could be a win for both the companies. Flipkart could also be the best available option for Walmart to access India’s growing retail market, while Flipkart could leverage Walmart’s enormous funds to battle Amazon. Amazon and Walmart have been bitter competitors in America for over two decades. It will be interesting to see, to say the least, who wins this battle and who wins the war in the Indian ecommerce battleground.

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Marissa Mayer Creates Tech Startup Incubator

Smruthi Kishore



Marissa Mayer Creates Tech Startup Incubator,Former Yahoo CEO Creates Tech Startup Incubator,Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer starts Tech Startup Incubator, Marissa Mayer sets up Tech Startup Incubator,Marissa Mayer Startup Incubator updates,Featured,Startup News India, startup stories

Marissa Mayer, the former chief executive officer (CEO) of Yahoo, is starting a brand new business incubator called Lumi Labs in partnership with long time colleague, Enrique Munoz Torres. According to reports, the new business incubator will aim to focus on consumer media and artificial intelligence.

While the incubator in itself is extremely intriguing, what makes the idea all the more exciting is the fact that Mayers is going back to the roots of her work. It is a homecoming of sorts for her as Mayer has rented out Google’s original office in Palo Alto, California, where she had started her career as a 24 year old Stanford University graduate.

This particular Google office has a lot of special things attached to its name. The office was home to online payments company, PayPal, which was started by a host of co founders including Tesla founder, Elon Musk. Marrisa was selected as the 20th employee of Google in the year 1999 and was in fact, the first female engineer to get a job at the largest search engine!

Mayer left the Google office after 13 long years and joined Yahoo in the year 2012 for five long years! Despite being regarded as the Geek Goddess at Google, she failed to revive Yahoo’s stalled business even after trying her best. While not a lot has been revealed about the new business incubator Mayer’s and Torres are working on, the premise in itself looks extremely exciting. With more and more people venturing into the field of artificial intelligence, the fact that Mayer’s business will be combined with consumer media is what will eventually make all the difference!

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Amazon Prime Service Crosses 100 Million Subscribers

Smruthi Kishore



Amazon Prime Service Crosses 100 Million Subscribers,Featured, Amazon Prime has more than 100 Million Subscribers,Amazon Prime Subscribers reach Cross 100 Million, Amazon reveals Prime Service Subscribers,Jeff Bezos reveals that Amazon has 100 Million Prime Subscribers,Startup News India, startup stories

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, revealed in his annual share holders letter Yesterday that Amazon Prime has now crossed 100 million Prime Members. Amazon revealed its Prime numbers for the first time in the 13 years since its inception!

The number of Prime subscribers for years has been a closely held secret and the focus of much speculation. The figure also confirms that Prime is one of the World’s largest Internet subscriptions and a strong force among online retailers. By revealing the number of subscribers, Amazon has given us a hint at the steep and steady increase of revenue over the years.

The letter from CEO Jeff Bezos is meant to celebrate the eighth year in a row that Amazon ranked number 1 on The American Customer Satisfaction Index. It might also be interesting to note that there has been recent criticism, claiming Amazon employees are being subjected to awful working conditions. According to Bezos, Amazon Prime also saw its best year ever in 2017, with the company shipping over five billion products with Prime and by signing up more new members than in any previous year.

Amazon Prime was launched at a price of Rs. 499, which was later increased to Rs. 999 a year later. The Prime membership in India includes features like access to free one day and two days deliveries, Amazon Prime Video access and Prime Music for free. Prime members also get discounted “Same Day and Morning Delivery” to pin codes in select cities around the Country, including places like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

Looking at the massive success of Amazon Prime in India, the company expanded its services to Mexico, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Furthermore, in an attempt to increase its customer base, Amazon has also introduced Business Prime Shipping in the US and Germany.

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