What is the first thing which clicks on your mind after waking up in the morning? Well, the answer might be quite easy – It’s your phone! Yes, this describes how people’s lives are incomplete without the Apples and the Androids.

However, these apps in the phones make our lives easier and smoother. Yet, these apps take away most of your mobile data. So, how to find out which app eats away your data the most.

Well, an application “Gigato” comes to your rescue. Yes, Gigato is that platform that pays for your mobile data. When a user downloads Gigato, he can receive mobile data for using apps normally. It is absolutely free and has unrestricted data to use.

This is a great platform for app publishers. It removes the perception of data related cost barrier and allows us to compete with the other popular brands like Facebook and Whatsapp at a very low cost.

Gigata helps users by retaining them and by rewarding their activities with free data.

“As an average user spends more than 55 minutes a day on TrulyMadly (a dating app,) the average age being 18 – 24 years, as they will be sensitive about their data they spend, partnering of Truly Madly with Gigato helps us in offering a seamless experience to the users,” exclaimed Hitesh Dhingra, Founder of TrulyMadly app.

In a survey conducted by Gigato, it was revealed that mobile messaging apps are the most used apps. Maximum data for these apps are used by people in Mumbai which is more than 500 MB.

Here is a complete information of the data usage by the users:

According to that survey, it was observed that from 7 A.M., to 9 A.M., in the morning and 5 P.M., to 7 P.M., in the evening are the peak hours of data consumption as most users commute during these hours.

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