It seems to be. An analysis of smartphones sales in Chinese markets shows that the Apple’s market share is limited to just 9% reporting a continuous fall of 23% of revenue in the past 2 years. Samsung didn’t even figure out in the top 5 sellers.

While the i-phone 7 generated an enthusiasm in American and European markets, it failed to create the same impression in Chinese markets. What made the difference? Availability of new technologies, be the provision of the flexible screen, augmented reality, better finish with thin bezels, popular selfie apps like Meitu, strong marketing in low tier cities all at a fractional cost helped Chinese manufacturers gain a winning edge over i-Phone.

Oppo emerged to be the best selling smartphone with 18.1% of the market share in 2016. Huawei, Vivo, Apple and Xiaomi stood in the top five with 65.5% of the market share. Interestingly Chinese manufacturers have seen a boost in their sales in foreign markets as well. However, Apple is predicted to catch up with i-Phone 8 which marks the 10 year anniversary of i-Phone 1 released in 2007.

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