Automobile industries constantly use innovative technologies. In fact, every year, the car industry tries developing some unique and innovative technologies to grab their customer’s attention.

Although a lot of products related to technology are coming up with their own strategic techniques, there is a way more on the way which is going to transform the industry of cars forever.

Here, we share some of those technologies of which you may not be aware.

1) Vehicle to Vehicle or V2V communication

This innovation is quite helpful to prevent the possible accidents that might actually happen if your are not alert. Cars will communicate with each other and alert the drivers about the roadside hazard ahead. Simply put, V2V communication would warn the driver but not take control of the car.
V2V communications comprise of a wireless network where automobiles send messages to each other with information about what they are doing.
This V2V technology receives a signal through the other car in your direct path, then warns you about the potential accident or either brake automatically.

2) Biometric seat prototype

Well, this is something interesting. Biometric seats use health monitoring technology to detect and alert the drivers when their stress levels are too high to drive the car. This biometric seat uses data from your face, palms, combined with real information that gets collected through the car’s accelerator, clutch, brakes, throttle as well as the steering wheel to monitor your stress levels.
Simply speaking, it does a medical check to track your stress levels and lets you know if this is the right time to take a break.

3) Connected cars

A connected car is a car that is equipped with internet access. This allows the cars to share internet access with other devices both inside and outside the vehicle. A sim card will be pre-installed which can offer remote diagnostics.
Based on a survey, they reveal that by 2020, there will be over hundred and seventy million cars of this type in this world.

4) Driver override systems

With the advancement of automotive technology, vehicles actively make their decision if the driver fails to apply brakes at the time of the collision. The rapid increase of sensor technology helps vehicles to make firm decisions when the driver fails to take any action manually.
If this application becomes a permanent part of vehicles, then it could avoid many uncertain crashes on road. This application also helps the vehicle user to feel confident that they can get the vehicle in control if any abnormal situation happens. This also gives the ability to step on the break if the system malfunctions at any point.

5) Body panels to store energy

These body panels installed in cars and are designed to absorb energy from multiple means including plugging in overnight and regenerative braking, which is then stored and regenerated when needed.
This technology would contribute to the already existing electric cars which include zero emission and superior acceleration, by reducing the size of electric car batteries, eliminating the wasted energy used up in moving the extra weight in batteries.These panels are predicted to be in production soon after 2020.

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