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Eat Scrumptious Food Now With 3D Food Printers!



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It is 2018 and 3D technology that is long priced now, gets you 3D food printers.

A 3D printer is a device that creates an object in three dimensions. It builds an object by depositing a printing medium in layers. You can get customized cakes, printed desserts and even more good food via a 3D food printer.

Scientists and entrepreneurs around the globe have designed 3D food printing machines that may soon find their way into households.

So, how does a 3D food printer work?

These 3D food printers are not too different from a regular 3D printer. Instead of printing with plastics, it deploys edible ingredients squeezed out of stainless steel capsules. Users can also control the device remotely using a smartphone. They can also share their recipes with family and friends.

A Spain based company, Natural Machines Foodini, created an innovative 3D food printer. This printer was created in order to have easy access to quick meals. It is basically going to speed up the process of making a meal, provided with pen capsules that users load up with foodstuffs of their choice.

The Co founder of Foodini, Lynette Kucsma says,

“We think Foodini can be a kitchen revolution similar to how the microwave did it back in the ’70s.”

She also adds “There’s a touchscreen on the front that connects to a recipe site in the cloud, so it’s an internet of things, connected kitchen appliance.

 Foodini founders want people to move away from processed and packaged foods by giving them a way to make healthy foods from scratch in a time saving and an effective way.


However, the latest technology of 3D food printers is quite complicated. It consists of nozzles, powdery material, lasers and robotic arms to make sugar sculptures, patterned chocolate and latticed pastry. They also include geometric configurations that are actually complicated.  

They use fresh ingredients loaded into stainless steel capsules to make delicious foods like pizza, stuffed pasta, quiche and brownies. They also print noodles with water and semolina flour. It prints your favourite food with all the available options enabled in a printer.

Rather than cooking your daily food you could just print your favourite food using these amazing 3D printers.

Apart from Foodini, other printers who are in the line are Choc Edge and ChefJet from 3D Systems.

This spectacular innovation lets you print, serve and eat your favourite food conveniently!

As of now, bakeries and confectionaries are using these printers to make mass quantities food and to save time.

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All You Need To Know About Anil Kumble’s AI Enabled Power Bat

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Anil Kumble’s Spektacom Technologies, in partnership with Microsoft, has just developed a brand new Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Power Bat. With the ability to collect data required for every shot hit and the details displayed both to the audience and the players, the new bat is aimed at making cricket an increasingly interesting sport! The basic aim of the new Power Bat is to increase engagement between both the audience and the coaches, giving players the chance to improve their game by leaps and bounds!

A unique concept, the Power Bat has a Microsoft Azure Sphere sticker on its shoulder, whereby as soon as the batsman hits the ball, data on a wide range of parameters like speed on impact, twist on impact and quality of the shot are recorded, captured and processed. This processing and capturing is enabled with the help of a new measurement called Power Speks. The date derived from the Power Bat can be recorded during coaching and practice matches, giving the players a chance to improve their performance during the actual game.

“Our vision is to bring sports closer to fans through interesting ways of engagement using real time sports analytics. At the same time, it is important that the technologies used are seamless and do not disrupt the game or obstruct the players,” Anil Kumble said while talking about the new Power Bat. He further added, “With Microsoft, we have been able to create a secure and effective solution, and with Star India, we have a partner that can stimulate and excite fan engagement.”

Anil Kumble and Microsoft came together to redefine the way people played this much loved sport with this game changing bat! The Power Bat was revealed a couple of days ago and it is already touted to be the game changer for cricket as a sport by 2019!

Speaking about the collaboration, Anil Kumble tweeted,

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella also replied to Anil Kumble in a tweet



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Historical Failures In The Tech World

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Failure is but inevitable and when a product that started off well fails without reason, the world goes through a shock. There are two types of results for every startup: those which are remembered because they succeeded and those which are remembered because they failed royally. Here is taking a look at those startups that failed, despite having a really great starting life!

1. BlackBerry 

When BlackBerry was launched, it became the must have phone not just for professionals, but for people looking for a change in phones as well. For a while, when competition from Apple and other smartphones did not exist, BlackBerrys were the most sought after phones. With new models launching at regular intervals, the company was doing incredibly well. So much were people were obsessed with this device, it eventually was called the CrackBerry! Unfortunately, while other companies started upping their game, BlackBerry just could not and people started losing faith in this device. By 2016, the company started selling only 4 million phones on an annual basis and shortly after, production just stopped, bankrupting the company altogether!

2. Windows 8 

While the Windows 8 version seemed to work just fine for tablets, it failed to have the same impact on desktops and laptops. This multi coloured tile interface and the absence of the iconic Windows start button were some of the major issues people had with the new version. Touted to be one of the biggest mishaps made by Windows, Windows 8 was not user friendly and could not keep users interested in any of the features it had to offer. 

3. MySpace 

The platform where stars were born and film careers were launched, MySpace reinvented the world of social media. Also named as one of the 50 best websites according to Times, this particular platform changed the game of online communication. However, this position on the top 50 list was retained only for three years, when Facebook was launched and MySpace started losing pace in the online world. With the quick surge in Facebook’s popularity, MySpace started losing users and by the end of 2010, the company had no choice but to shut down. For many, it was like a very sad end to something that could have been truly great, had the game been played right!

4. Motorola ROKR E1 

When Apple started selling iPhones with a large storage, it basically revolutionized the way people listened to music. Apple partnered with Motorola and released the ROKR E1, the first ever music oriented phone. Pre packaged with a version of Apple’s iTunes software, the ROKR E1 failed to make the right mark. With so much data on the phone, the interface suffered terribly, resulting in severe lag, leading to terrible reviews from people. Done right, the Motorola ROKR E1 could have been a true tech changer!

5. Microsoft’s Zune

Manufactured to compete with Apple’s iPod, the Zune crashed and burned right from the day it hit the market. Despite having a lot of pomp and show to its name before the launch, an unplanned software error resulted in the immediate failure of the device. Furthermore, an unplanned sharing feature on the Zune added to the decreasing value of Microsoft’s already depleting shares! However, Microsoft refused to give up and finally, after not one, but five long years of low share rates in the market, it had no choice but to take the Zune down.

When new products and improvisations are announced, excitement is part and parcel of the launch. However, when these products fail, it’s like a part of your heart dies as well. What product failed to make a mark like you thought it would? Comment and let us know!

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Facebook Rolls Out New Safety Measures

Smruthi Kishore



Facebook Rolls Out New Safety,Best Motivational Stories 2018, Best Startups in India 2018,Latest Startup News India,startup stories,Facebook Updates 2018,Facebook New Features 2018,Facebook New Tools,Latest Facebook Updates,Facebook New Safety Features,New Facebook Features

It goes without saying that when you put your thoughts out into the world, you deserve to feel safe and when this safety is attacked, your mental health may get affected. Facebook, a platform for promoting your thoughts and ideas, has moved from being a purely interactive social media platform to a place where trolls and trollers rule the roost. To protect its more than 2 billion regular user base, Facebook has passed new tools and tweaked its settings to act against the bullies.

Delete, moderate and remove negative comments 

“Do not feed the trolls,” is what people have always said. How often does one listen to the wise sayings of the people with experience? Never, right? If a bear pokes you, you cannot help but poke back and this is how negativism breeds on a constant basis on Facebook. To counter this growing trend of hatred, Facebook is going to give its users more control over the comments.

Now, not only can you hide multiple comments, you can also delete them with the click of a button. The new feature is going to be rolled out on desktops, Android and iOS versions. Furthermore, if you think a family member or friend is being bullied, harassed or abused, you can report the said post on behalf of the friend or family member. Once reported, the Community Operations team will take a look at the post and decide the required action on the basis of Facebook’s rules and regulations.

To simplify matters, if you think the decision taken by the Committee is not what you thought it would be (both for the person who raised the complaint and the person against whom the complaint has been made,) you can make an appeal and the Committee will decide accordingly.

Protection of not just individual users, but celebrities as well

So far, Facebook has allowed people to talk, criticize and discuss about celebrities and the things they have said and done, without any regard to the person’s well being. Now, Facebook is working on protecting these celebrities by making sure no celebrity on the platform is personally and negatively attacked.

Previously, Facebook had introduced a tool that protected celebrities up to a certain age. However, to improve the safety standards, the social media platform is now expanding its policies to protect celebrities without age as a barrier. With Facebook’s new tools, anyone experiencing things they do not want to on Facebook can now report, block the user and ignore the messages without letting the harasser know.

Taking safety one step forward, Facebook is going to start a new partnership with the National Parent Teachers Association in the United States and will organise over 200 community events to address the challenges faced by parents in all the states. Further, Facebook is also going to offer peer to peer anti bullying and safety programs to schools in the United Kingdom. By organising and supporting safety programs in India, Facebook is spreading the message of improving the standards of online safety in all the countries where this social media platform is used on a regular basis.


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  • Mobile Freindly

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