Yes, you heard it right, the largest social networking website Facebook Inc., is reportedly working on an app which will bring its videos to television. This app will now allow its users to stream its content directly on their set-top boxes – probably Apple TV.The company’s upcoming app is a part of Mark Zuckerburg’s plan to make Facebook a “video-first” company.

If reports are to be believed, Facebook is already in discussions with various media companies to host their long form videos.

Facebook’s main revenues are from its ads on its News Feeds. The company recently admitted that it had become quite harder to integrate more ad products into user’s streams.

Facebook has known for marketing it’s live stream capabilities, testing a new video ad product and also integrating more videos into Instagram.

Live video is also becoming one of the highly competitive features on social platforms as there are many companies competing to stream many live videos. Mainly sports events, as well as the high-profile events such as the Oscars and the Grammy awards, gain a lot of traction.

This will certainly encourage its publishers to create longer and more engaging videos and yes, go ahead, to stream your videos on television could be a big step from the company. At the end, it is all part of the Facebook’s intelligent strategy to become more of an entertainment destination to attract more traditional TV advertisers.

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