In the near future, there is going to be a small change in your Facebook Live. Yes, the live videos will now be interrupted with ads.
The social media giant Facebook has this update done in order to make greater revenues than its existing one.

According to the reports of ReCode on Thursday, Facebook will soon start promoting ads in the middle of the publisher’s video same as that of commercial ads on Television.

This new update was tested with a small group of US publishers. The revenue generated from these ads in the middle of these videos will be split between the publishers and Facebook and their shares will be 55% and 45% respectively.

With this change, the creators or the publishers can change their way of making videos more and more interesting, so that they can keep their viewers engaged to their videos and sit through the ads while attracting more producers to Facebook.

According to the company’s policy, publishers need to be live for at least 5 minutes for an ad to pop up. And that live stream must have 300 concurrent viewers. The ad will last for 20 seconds. And the ads must be at least two minutes apart.

Well, seems like this is indeed good news for the publishers.

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