Aipoly is a new age app constructed keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the visually impaired. It helps the blind and the visually impaired by quickly identifying objects using affordable and cutting edge technology.

Watch the video here:

This app can identify several hundreds of objects right from the start. One need not take pictures, the app will constantly see and think. Aipoly identifies colors too to assist both the color blind and the visually impaired. More appropriately, it acts like a color picker of the real world.

The coming soon feature of Aipoly is that it understands moving scenes too and also the position of the objects within it. It can also describe the relationship between the items it sees, for instance, a flower basket near a lamp post.

An added feature of Aipoly is that one can actually help Aipoly learn new objects by typing their description. In due course of time, it will acquire knowledge on new items and even become smarter.

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