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How Aipoly Is A Blessing For The Blind: Watch Video



Watch Video: How Aipoly Is A Blessing For Blind

Aipoly is a new age app constructed keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the visually impaired. It helps the blind and the visually impaired by quickly identifying objects using affordable and cutting edge technology.

Watch the video here:

This app can identify several hundreds of objects right from the start. One need not take pictures, the app will constantly see and think. Aipoly identifies colors too to assist both the color blind and the visually impaired. More appropriately, it acts like a color picker of the real world.

The coming soon feature of Aipoly is that it understands moving scenes too and also the position of the objects within it. It can also describe the relationship between the items it sees, for instance, a flower basket near a lamp post.

An added feature of Aipoly is that one can actually help Aipoly learn new objects by typing their description. In due course of time, it will acquire knowledge on new items and even become smarter.

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Emerging Startup Stories

Meet Ambur Iyyappa: Flipkart’s First Employee To Now A Multi Millionaire



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Around Twelve years ago, Mr. Ambur Iyyappa was working with a courier company as a delivery boy. But today he is a multi-millionaire at Flipkart.
Mr. Iyyappa born and grew up in Ambur a small town in Tamil Nadu. After his pre-degree, he moved to Hosur for a diploma, he then got a one year apprenticeship at Ashok Leyland.

Further, he joined as a local delivery boy at First Flight Couriers, Bengaluru. After working as a couriers for four years, he became the manager of all incoming mails and logistics in South Bengaluru.
Ambur thought of doing a course for three months to improve his skills and qualifications, but when he came back to the company, after the course, he didn’t have a position there.

At that time First Flight Couriers were one of the partners for the little known Flipkart, an online bookseller. One of the delivery boys at First Flight Couriers informed him about the vacancy of an in-house logistic person at Flipkart.
So Ambur Iyyappa went to Flipkart’s office and met the founders and became the first employee at Flipkart.
He didn’t even get an offer letter because there was no HR department in Flipkart when he joined.
Binny Bansal described Iyyapa as human ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) of Flipkart. He had the exact information of which books were pending, which were waiting for delivery.

Whenever a customer called him, he clarified his query without referring to a computer. An effective method of pasting all the order information on Gmail and refer that as an ERP for searching orders was also found by him. Binny wrote code to automate Iyyapa’s work. His first salary was just Rs. 8, 000.oo but he also got some shares in the nascent venture.

As the company grew, share value was also exponentially increased. Presently, Mr. Ambur Iyyapa is an Associate Director, Customer Experience Manager at Flipkart. He receives Rs.6 Lakh and still uses his Suzuki Access 125 to travel and stays in the same house he has been for the last ten years.

Mr.Iyyapa is a very dedicated, hard working and has critical problem-solving abilities. He addresses every complaint received.

Mr. Binny says “Solving all customer problems keeps him going, He embodies our focus on customers.”

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Emerging Startup Stories

Meet Anubhav Wadhwa: A 17-year-old Whose Indian Startup Made To UN’s Top-50 List



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Anubhav Wadhwa, a 17-year-old schoolboy led a green revolution startup and entered the first edition of the Youth Solutions report of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network for his startup named Tyrelessly.

His startup company Tyrelessly recycles used tyres to produce biofuel and other by-products. The Youth Solutions report is a United Nations program that will showcase achievements of young people all over the world and help them to draw opportunities from potential supporters. Tyrelessly is one among such to enter the first 50 edition by the UN.

Anubhav Wadhwa was born on 21 March 1999 in Gurugram and is a student of Pathways World School, Haryana. He is also a member of the student council. He got this idea of Tyrelessly when was returning back home from school and saw a group of people burning tyres to produce heat. As this produced lots of smoke which was hazardous to the environment, he instantly got the idea of recycling the tyres, hence Tyrelessly was born. Anubhav set up an end of life tyre aggregator working through an efficient platform.

Tyrelessly, an online platform will dictate the vehicle owners to follow simple steps to have their vehicle’s ‘End Of Life’ tyres to be disposed of safely. This startup will also notify their customers after the disposal of their tyres.

Anubhav Wadhwa is not only the founder of his startup Tyrelessly but also the CEO and Founder of software solutions TechAPTO. He designs websites for many companies and saw his name entered as the Youngest Indian CEO in 2013.

Well, this is an inspiring story of a young boy. Share your story with us so that you too can be an inspiration to the millions out there.

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Emerging Startup Stories

Vodafone To Partner With Startups All Through Their Journey



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World’s network giant Vodafone is now interested in establishing itself as a ‘Startup friendly partner.’ Vodafone opened up recently on how they started their journey as a fresh startup and now became one of the world’s largest networks.

The founders of Vodafone said that they went through the same struggles that a startup will face at the beginning. The main goal of Vodafone is just to prove that they can also be important stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

“We want to connect with startups, pick an idea from them and provide those innovative services to our customers,” said Ajay Sehgal who works at Vodafone Business service.

Adding to these comments, Sandeep Mittal, MD of Cartesian Consulting said that the greatest obstacle tip your success is you, yourself. He said: “If you think small, then you end up selling yourselves short.”

Nidhi Saraf, Head- West and East India operations, Indian Angel Network said: “Startups often forget to take India’s diversity into account because a product which becomes a super hit in (the) North can become a flop in the South.”

Vodafone founders expressed their wish to establish themselves as a “Startup friendly partner.” They concluded saying they want to launch programs only to see themselves as a startup-friendly partner. For this, they look forward to partnering with leading industry players and incubators.

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