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Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence (AI)



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It’s no secret by now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all set to define the next generation of software technologies!

AI has gradually been making its way into business software and will continue to for the foreseeable future. AI technology is software designed to learn without being explicitly programmed, and it is taking the retail industry by a storm. It is regarded as the next big thing!

Listed below are the 5 interesting facts about AI!


AI can learn and write!

This can be quite overwhelming.

AI, computers are learning and writing by themselves. For example, Google developed an Artificial Intelligence enabled system that taught itself to play the Atari 2600 games. It later beat some of the world’s best players.

How intelligent!

Back in 1984, in a famous movie, Terminator, we saw the story about the concept that the United States government develops an Artificial Intelligence called Skynet. It was intended to automate the defense network. It takes control of force behind military operations and eventually seeks to terminate human race by unleashing a nuclear strike, as it sees humanity as a threat to its existence.

In near future, AI robots could end up completely changing what it means to be human if we let them think for themselves!

AI is way ahead of humans!

Artificial Intelligence does not have limitations that plague human beings. They are not restricted by biology and they do not even get tired!

AI can crunch numbers for long hours and are exceptionally clever while doing repetitive mathematical tasks and other significant tasks! This makes them way ahead and smarter than human beings.

The Terminator director, James Cameron says,

“What was science fiction in the ’80s is now imminent. It’s coming over the horizon at us.”

AI will fight challenging diseases.

The AI could not only make your lives convenient but it can also fight back some of the most challenging diseases. They could do it all as they are capable of identifying, collecting and analyzing the human molecular data. This amazing technology can identify and analyze illnesses to enable new drugs, treatments and cures within seconds.

In an interesting attempt to fight the spread of challenging diseases,  a team of USC Viterbi School of Engineering researchers in order to create  the algorithm used data, including behavioral, demographic and epidemic disease trends, to create a model of disease spread that captures underlying population dynamics and contact patterns between people.

With the help of computer simulations, the researchers tested the algorithm on infectious diseases such as tuberculosis in India and gonorrhea in the United States. In both cases, they found the algorithm did an amazing job at reducing disease cases by sharing information about these diseases with individuals who might be most at risk.

AI can rebuild itself

There is a robot that rebuilt itself after its performance dropped after losing 2 of its 6 legs. The robot did not know what the problem was but fixed it by trial and error.

The whole process could take 15 minutes for them to adapt and compensate for even the simplest of problems. This new adaptive technology is inspired by the way animals adapt to injury.

AI could take our jobs in near future.

With each passing year, we notice a lot of spectacular changes in the techno world. Big techno giants including Google is moving toward the adaptation of AI in order to improve productivity.

From surgeries to autonomous driving, technologies have taken over some of the most amazing human activities already. Industries including manufacturing and other large sections of agriculture have seen millions of human jobs taken over by robots, machines and more efficient factories.

World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, stated once  “AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs, because in the future, these will be done by machines.”

With Artificial Intelligence evolving in almost every industry, some people believe AI will wipe out humans completely!


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Social Media Tools Perfect For Small Businesses

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When you are a small business owner, it is extremely vital to use social media to your advantage. If you are trying to grow your business right from the ground up and don’t have the time to focus on your online presence, then worry not, the internet always has your back. Here are some tools that help you in not only discovering content, but also sharing and responding to the content on your page.

1. Crowdfire  

Known as the ultimate guide to one minute marketing, Crowdfire is your go to website for realising your goals. To start things off, you have to first connect your websites, blogs and social media profiles with Crowdfire. Once you do that, Crowdfire will analyze your accounts and study them to determine who you are, what your core message should be and what kind of content you should put out into the social media world. Once it understands who you are, it gives you a daily task sheet that works towards helping you achieve your goals! The goals include things you can do to increase the number of daily visitors and the type of comments you can make to increase engagement on a regular basis.

2. Hootsuite 

The ultimate post scheduler, Hootsuite helps you manage all your social media accounts from a single page. From helping you find relevant content to helping you organise all your data in one place, Hootsuite is like the genie you need to make life easier! Furthermore, if you ever think the content you are putting up is not relevant to the page, then this website helps in analyzing the information and giving you feedback on what should and shouldn’t be put up. Hootsuite also helps in protecting and safeguarding your social media pages against unwanted hackers and threats, therefore making sure your online presence is completely safe and secure!

3. Buffer 

Buffer, a social media scheduling application, is quite unlike Hootsuite in the sense it lets you schedule your posts not only on Facebook and Twitter, but on LinkedIn and Google Plus as well! Without letting you miss deadlines of any sort, Buffer lets you add content to your queue without worrying about how often you post the content for your brand. To make the game interesting, Buffer gives you detailed day to day and monthly analytics on how your profile and posts perform!

4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud 


While a lot of businesses are B2C oriented, there are some that are B2B and these are the kind that need to be looked at regularly. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one such website which not only keeps track of your other businesses, but also helps you grow your marketing strategies. By deviating from the regulated social media platforms, Salesforce uses email marketing as a means of promoting your content. This particular website allows you to not only automate your marketing, but also helps you conduct a proper digital search and establish both your website and your mobile marketing plans! Even though learning marketing through Salesforce is steep and extensive, it is still more than worth it and necessary!

5. Awario 

Let’s face it. You need to know what the social media world is saying about your business. Awario lets you analyze the content you put up on your social media and with specific keywords on your social media, it tracks performance on a regular basis. Furthermore, Awario sends you notifications the minute people mention your brand on any platform (every platform, including Reddit!) From giving you the opportunity to interact with your users to understanding your customer base, Awario helps in giving you complete clarity on what is expected from you as a brand.

Growing as a new business is important and when you have the right tools at hand, the entire process is made easier. If you think we missed out on any tools like this, comment and let us know!

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How To

Pinterest Strategies To Help You Grow

Smruthi Kishore



Pinterest Strategies,Business News India,Startup Stories,Best Startups in India 2018,Latest Startup News India,Pinterest Strategies 2018,Pinterest Marketing,Pinterest for Business,Pinterest Marketing Strategies,Social Platform Pinterest,Best 5 Pinterest Strategies

With more than 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is not just your average networking site. A social discovery platform that connects a large group of users from all over the world on a common platform to different businesses, Pinterest is all about discovering new ideas and creations. To make the most out of your marketing strategy by using Pinterest, these strategies help improve the presence of your brand on social platforms.

1. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest 

With the world of marketing leaning toward making the most of your online presence, it is important to make the most of all the platforms available to you. The first step to optimize your Pinterest is to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest profile. By integrating your Facebook and Twitter with your Pinterest, you improve your brand visibility and increase the presence of your brand!

2. Complete your business profile 

Once you create your basic Pinterest profile, it is time to confirm your website. Choose a website that best represents the brand you want to promote and make sure you add your location to let people know where your business is located. Maximise the number of keywords you use in your “about me” section, letting more people find out about your business!

3. Start pinning things to your board 

Your board is set up and your website is completely up to date. Once you set the theme to what you want, it is time to start pinning information to the board. From article pins to movie pins to place pins, the stuff you place on your board gives your audience information about your brand. With the target audience option, promote content in sync with the previous interest habits as displayed by the existing audience. Through this, the click through rate increases by close to 63% and boosts the reach by at least 30 times!

4. Keep changing the images used to back link to your website


In order to promote your old blog posts, try using new images to redirect the audience to the posts you want to bring to their notice! Upload a Pinterest friendly image and make it look creative enough so people want to look at what you are promoting the moment the image pops up on their page! Redirecting works when you have regular pins talking about your brand, thereby letting people know you are actually serious about your brand/product.

5. Start using video ads for revenue generation 

Video ads on Pinterst are to be used to generate sales and not views. Sticking to Pinterest’s theme of being a discovery platform, video ads work in increasing the revenue generated. For instance, even a simple 30 seconds’ video with your brand message can greatly increase the revenue earned!

In a day and age where marketing is no longer just restricted to traditional forms, it has become increasingly important to diversify the digital strategies as well. Pinterest is one of those platforms that helps send across the seriousness of the brand and in connecting to a large group of interested people!

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Green Tech Startups From India That Are Making A Difference

Smruthi Kishore



Green Tech Startups From India,Best Motivational Stories 2018,Best Startups in India 2018,Latest Startup News India,startup stories,Digital Green,Chakr Innovation,Husk Power Systems,Gram Power,HelpUs Green,Environmental Startups India,Green Startups India,Technology Startups

Technology, in all its glory, has been around to make people’s lives easier. However, despite all the greatness that comes with technology, the world has been using it for all the wrong reasons. Thankfully, there are some startups working toward making the world a better place by using technology for the good, rather than the bad. Here are a couple of green tech startups making things better, one project at a time!

1. HelpUs Green 

Based out of Kanpur and founded in the year 2015, HelpUs Green was founded with the sole aim of saving the Ganges. Through the startup, the founders (Ankit Agarwal and Karan Rastogi) are working at collecting the waste strewn in and around the mosques and temples of Uttar Pradesh. Post collection, the startup works at recycling and reusing the collected waste in a manner beneficial to the environment. This startup has helped protect over 1,200 rural families in the area by giving them a way of life. Till date, HelpUs Green has worked to prevent close to 1,000 kg of toxic pesticides, insecticides and chemical waste from filtering and festering in the Ganges. Furthermore, the startup has also helped improve the lifestyle of the women in these villages by leaps and bounds, giving them a new lease of life with whatever they do.

2. Gram Power 

Launched in the year 2010 by Yashraj Khaitan and Jacob Dickinson, Gram Power provides cutting edge smart grid technology to address the growing electricity concerns in the country. From setting up India’s first Solar Powered Smart Microgrid in Khareda Lakshmipura (Rajasthan,) to now providing energy for light bulbs, buttermilk churners, television and fans to over 30 remote areas across rural India, Gram Power is working at improving the country’s electricity situation by using renewable energy sources!

3. Husk Power Systems 

It is often said the real secret to energy lies in the countryside. Unfortunately, because of the severe lack of facilities in the area, these resources are largely left untapped. Husk Power Systems, a startup based out of Bihar, realised this gap between resources and technology and decided to work on what was available and set out to improve the situation. By using a biomass gasifier for electricity generation, each of the plants owned by this startup is currently helping over 400 households in rural areas. Not only does Husk Power Systems save over 18,000 liters of diesel and 42,000 liters of kerosene, this startup has worked at improving the health and living conditions of people in inaccessible areas.

4. Chakr Innovation 

Launched in the year 2016 by Arpit Dhupar, Kushagra Srivastava and Prateek Sachan, Chakr Innovation is a unique startup in more ways than one. The group of friends came together when they realised pollution could be curbed in a safe and economical way. By creating the Chakr Shield, Chakr Innovation aims at removing diesel soot from generators and converts the removed soot to inks and paints. Not only does this help in reducing the amount of waste, it also helps in clearing up extremely disastrous pollution.

5. Digital Green

Digital Green, a not for profit organisation, works with organisations and technology in an attempt to help improve the health, nutrition and agriculture situations of the rural areas. From creating interactive videos to building platforms that foster growth to creating an improved standard of living for these people, Digital Green has worked since its inception to improve the world around them, one village at a time!

It is worth appreciating the efforts when technology is used to benefit the world, rather than harm it and these startups are doing exactly that! If you know any other startups doing the same, comment and let us know!


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