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Learn How To Mobilize Your Business With A Single App



Learn How To Mobilize Your Business With A Single App

The adoption of mobile devices is growing at a rapid pace. Studies reveal that there will be an increase in mobile users and the numbers reach a whopping 2.52 billion by the end of the year. Currently, the limelight is been showered on mobile apps which are being used by businessmen and entrepreneurs to serve their customers the best.

One should also use the technology besides being competitive in the market.

Now using this as an opportunity, you can mobilize your business with just an app. One can increase brand loyalty, consumer engagement and also start driving sales using these simple tips.

1) Give your customers multiple ways to reach you

The entrepreneur and his technical team should first discuss the objectives before launching an app. The pros and cons of the app should be rightly executed before constructing the app. After the right execution, give your customers many ways to reach you.
Specify the contacts, websites, emails and directions to your business. Make SMS messages which an app user can send to his contact list.

2) Test your app before its launch

Many apps fail to render the same quality of services over a period of time. The main reason behind this is that the app does not get tested by the technical team of the app developer. Prior to testing, the apps get an approval from an enterprise which results in the failure of that application.
In order to avoid such cases, the app must be thoroughly checked before making it available to its users.

3) Check if your app has an attractive name

The name of the app should be selected in such a way that it aptly describes your business. A haphazard name can result in losing your customers as they don’t find it attractive. Your app’s name should justify the nature of the business or the service.

4) Your app must be easy to operate

The main objective behind constructing an app is to reach your users and give them a platform, in turn, to reach you. So, keep your app as simple as possible so that it serves the purpose of all the users.
Difficulty in operating the app can decrease the number of your users as they tend to find another easiest way.

If you find any other ways to mobilize your business through an app, do write to us in the comment section below.

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Bitcoin Slips Below $ 13,000



Bitcoin, the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency fell more than 21% on Friday dropping to $ 12,191.80 as of 3:47 P.M. in Hong Kong. The value of the cryptocurrency fell down as much as 38% from its peak of $ 19,511.

Despite the steep decline in value, the digital currency is still up in value by more than 1,100% since the beginning of the year. According to, with Bitcoin’s decline in value, other cryptocurrencies also plunged with Ethereum losing as much as 26% over the past 24 hours.

On Sunday, Bitcoin rose to as much as $ 19,666 in the lead up to exchange giant CME Group’s launch of bitcoin futures. Nevertheless, the currency seems to have lost steam post the launch. The current plunge comes amid growing signs of mania among regulators and investors for anything cryptocurrency related.

However, this is not the first time the cryptocurrency saw a steep decline in value. In November this year, Bitcoin tumbled by almost 30% in 4 days, falling to $ 5,555 from $ 7,888. Similarly, in September, the virtual currency fell by 40% to $ 2,972 from $ 4,979. Overall, in 2017, Bitcoin soared about 19 times reaching bubble territory.

Many policymakers and market analysts spurred caution and alarm calling all forms of cryptocurrencies ‘dangerous’ due to the lack of regulations. Indian market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) also issued a warning against all Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) claiming Bitcoins or any such cryptocurrencies, is not an approved product by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or any other agency. China was one of the first countries to ban all local cryptocurrencies exchanges and tradings. Post China’s decision to ban ICOs, South Korea also banned raising money through ICOs in an effort to protect investors from fraud by the use of any forms of virtual currencies.

Although CME and its rival Cboe Global Market’s move to list bitcoin futures has given the digital currency some perceived legitimacy, a majority of the policymakers are still on the fence and remain skeptical.

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Flipkart To Launch Artificial Intelligence Unit, AIForIndia



After launching the first data analytics brand, Billion, Flipkart is all set to create an Artificial Intelligence unit called AIForIndia in order to strengthen its business offerings.

The ecommerce giant is looking at expanding its services by investing millions of dollars into the venture and has already initiated its hiring process. Flipkart is looking to hire AI specialists for this particular project and is considering hiring people from the IIT sector for the project.

The AIForIndia project will be headed by Chief Data Scientist, Mayur Datar, Bansal and Flipkart’s Chief Executive Offidcer, Kalyan Krishnamurthy. The company is expected to reap benefits of the new technologies to solve issues both on the consumer and supply sides.

Not just in India, this ecommerce giant is also looking at expanding their reach into the United States as well. Flipkart has been on an acquiring spree since earlier this year when it acquired Silicon Valley based F7 Labs. According to reports, F7 Labs has already started working on an AI project called Mira.

Apart from this, Flipkart has also tied up with Microsoft in order to leverage its position in the AI and machine learning space. This is being done in order to better understand the world of machines and t0 foster a better relationship with sales.

Flipkart has been making a lot of new additions, thereby securing its position as a leading ecommerce platform. To make matters interesting, Flipkart’s fashion arm, Myntra, has started using these new technologies in order to sell products more efficiently.

Through this artificial intelligence process, customers can order online using their voice only. The ecommerce giant is all geared up to double down its work with artificial intelligence technologies, across operations ranging from conversational search, visual similarity, better last mile delivery, fraud detection, personalization to warehousing.

Right now, the use of AI is moderate. There are some interesting projects in the marketplace, customer support, search and personalization. You will see much more innovation coming out of Flipkart in the next year…this is going to be a big game changer for us,” said the Executive Chairman of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal.

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Bitcoin Interrupted. Slumps From Its All Time High By 20 %



As of Sunday, the value of Bitcoin stood at $ 19,666 on Bitstamp, reaching a new record for cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately for Bitcoin, the value steadily kept reducing from this astonishingly high.  Bitcoin fell by more than 10 % Today, reaching an all time low of $ 15,800 at cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp. Through this fall, Bitcoin lost more than one fifth of its peak value.

Bitcoin’s monumental gains this year ensured that its price soared about 19 times. This has spurred both caution and alarm among some policymakers. Its decline since Sunday is hardly a major concern for the digital currency. In November, it tumbled almost 30% in four days from $ 7,888 to $ 5,555. In September, it fell 40% from $ 4,979 to $ 2,972. A host of financial professionals have said that at present, Bitcoin is just a typical bubble, given how small the number of transactions are, that are conducted with this particular form of cryptocurrency.

At present, the market capitalization of Bitcoin stands at $ 275 billion, a figure which is slightly bigger than Visa Inc.  The market is highly inefficient with bitcoin futures trading much above cash value while the gaps of price quotes between various exchanges is also very large. Bitcoin was invented in 2009 by an individual whose identity still remains undiscovered. The booming cryptocurrencies market offers great hope, but also presents security risks and concerns.

We do not have a formal position on blockchain currencies and cryptocurrencies at this point. Blockchain technologies operate in a way that there’s, I guess, great hope and promise. They also present some security risks and concern for us,” the White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert told reporters at a news conference held with regards to Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

According to reports, investors have started to show more interest in smaller currencies like Ether and Ripple. This is listed as one of the primary reasons for the huge fall in the popularity of Bitcoin.

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