Google and Levi’s Project Jacquard commuter jacket is all set to release this fall. If you are not aware of Google’s Jacquard project, let us remind you that this project was announced back in 2015.

This jacket is the first ever commercial project as a result of Project Jacquard which works on Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) group.

This is a kind of touch sensitive clothing. This project aimed to turn our clothes into smart, connected wearable devices that provide touch and gesture through woven interactive services.

Watch the video here:

Features of Levi’s Commuter Jacket:

  • The left sleeve of the jacket will be acting as a capacitive touchpad. This provides you to control a variety of functions using rubs, simple gestures and taps on your sleeve.
  • The above said functions are activated through a small rechargeable tag on the inside of the left sleeve. This tag has a battery life of two days approximately.
  • This jacket enables to access some of the core functions like accepting or declining calls, controlling playback music and can also get direction updates.
  • The users have to digitally connect this jacket with the smartphone which should be placed in a concealed pocket inside of the sleeve.
  • This jacket is machine washable, all you need to do is remove the electronic band on the cuff link and then wash.
  • Levi’s Jacquard commuter jacket comes with a reasonable price of $350.

Seems like Google had done the perfect blend of fashion and technology which it aimed from the beginning.

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