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Microsoft Build 2018 Day 2 Highlights



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While Microsoft’s biggest developer’s conference, Microsoft Build 2018 embarked on its core Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing ideas and extension. However, Day 2 was all about its new version of Android Launcher, Microsoft Launcher.

On the second day of the event, Microsoft announced the modifications that will be implemented in Windows 10 by introducing the Sets features. With addition to the Your Phone app that was introduced on Day 1, the company introduced its add ons. Alongside, the focus was toward the Microsoft’s Office suite, Microsoft Outlook and Windows Store.

However, the ultimate spotlight of the developer’s conference was Microsoft 365.

Joe Belfiore, the Vice President of Microsoft explained to the crowd present at the conference that Microsoft 365 is equivalent to Windows + Office + Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS.) He brought to light that the company has two platforms as of now, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. He stressed on the fact that there are around 135 million commercial monthly active users of Office 365 and more than 200,000 organizations are using Microsoft Teams.

Another fascinating update here is Outlook and its teams will be getting Adaptive Cards. These cards will appear in Outlook message. It will reflect changes in your organization’s Microsoft Graph data  that will all be actionable. The example Microsoft gives is that a manager could approve an expense report in a card. You’ll also be able to pay bills in a card using Microsoft Pay.

You can now make your Grammar Nazi friends shut up! Here’s how!

Emphasizing on AI and Machine Learning to improvise its existing products, Corporate Vice President of the Windows Developer Platform Kevin Gallo used Microsoft Word as an example, stating the company’s objective is to make a writer’s duty more convenient.

Kevin Gallo further added, “Some areas are very, very hard to detect with traditional algorithms.” Nevertheless, this could be achieved through grammar checking powered by Windows ML and artificial intelligence. Microsoft is taking autocorrect to a whole new level.

He also added, this problem is personal as his daughter, Anna struggled with grammar her whole life and felt that she would never be a good writer. The English language is complex, with words having different meanings depending on the subject. He put up a demonstration where the older version of Word and Word powered by Machine Learning was displayed. The ML personified Word displayed the errors such as the nouns that were missing were highlighted. How cool is that? A writer’s job is sure as hell going to get easier with this improvisation!

A whole bunch of Your Phone app features were also introduced at the event. Your Phone app will display all the user’s photos, videos, notifications and messages on their Personal Computer (PC) directly from their Android or iOS devices.  The app has the ability to drag and drop phone camera photos to the Windows 10 operating system. You could also copy and paste different kinds of information between the devices. This app will be available to Windows Insiders first and Windows 10 users in a later build.

Microsoft introduced the latest version of its Android launcher, Microsoft Launcher. Launcher is a very popular app in the Google Play Store and brings a host of Microsoft centric features to Android. The new Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise version brings customization and security to organizations. Not only that but also allows administrators to create desktops for specific users with feeds into specific business systems.

The much talked about feature “Sets”  in Windows 10 is the latest announcement from the event. This new feature makes your tasks easier by allowing you to set all the elements of a task together. You can keep apps, web pages, documents or files all at one place. When you resume work after a period of time, all the relevant task elements can be restored. You can also search through all the significant information. The customer applications can be restored as well if they incorporate Sets into their application. According to Belfiore, the release time of this feature is not specified yet as the company is still working on it.

Ultimately, Microsoft wants to make the life of its users pretty easier by making the best use of AI and machine learning. These were the highlights from the Day 2 of Microsoft Build 2018. Yet, there is a lot more to come from the 3 day event.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think of the new features! For more updates follow us on


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Myntra Launches Its Own Wearable Platform



Myntra Launches Its Own Wearable Platform,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Latest Business News 2018,Online Fashion Store Myntra,Myntra Launch of Myntra Wearable Platform,Myntra Latest News,Myntra Blink Go Fitness Tracker,Myntra Wearable Platform,Myntra First Smart Wearable

The online fashion platform Myntra which is owned by the e commerce giant Flipkart, recently launched its software platform specifically for wearable devices. The wearable platform is called Myntra Wearable Platform which is developed by Myntra’s innovation labs unit. This online platform will offer its own line of wearable products as well as those developed by third party device makers. Just two months ago, Myntra acquired the Bengaluru based smart wearables startup, Witworks. Looks like the launch of the latest wearable platform was on Myntra’s cards already!

According to reports, the Chief Technology Officer of Myntra, Jeyandran Venugopal said,

The intent behind this platform is to not only allow our wearable products to co exist and leverage each other’s data to provide meaningful insights but also enable external developers to build apps or device manufacturers to integrate their own offerings to the platform

The platform would also allow wearable devices that could discover and talk to each other.

Myntra Blink Go Fitness Tracker, Myntra’s first smart wearable device.

The smart wearable device Blink Go, features a colour organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, heart rate sensor and activity tracker as well. The device tracks notifications, alerts and sleep patterns. Blink Go comprises of a sports mode to track specific exercise and workout routines. Other specifications include a battery life for more than three days, activity tracker and leaderboard to compete with friends across the world. This smart wearable device would be available for the latest versions of Android and iOS devices.

Blink Go would go on sale on 22 June during the Myntra’s End of Reason Sale. The product is priced at Rs. 1,679.

Venugopal added we are looking at building a line of wearable products that can complement with each other in an integrated manner. We are planning to bring in smart features through a combination of varied sensors and connectivity modules for audio wear, footwear, eyewear and apparels and are looking at acquiring 10 to 20 % of the wearables market over the next three years.

With technology reaching new heights, Myntra is aspiring to enter into the tech platform with its innovative products!


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OYO Flourishes Its Hospitality Business In China



OYO Hospitality Business In China,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Latest Business News 2018,OYO Starts China Business with Hotel,OYO Rooms Enter Into Hospital Business,OYO Rooms Latest Business News,OYO Rooms Starts China Hospitality Business,OYO Hostels CEO

India’s largest operating hotel chain OYO Rooms, is now expanding its business in the hospitality industry in China. The company which is owned and operated by Oravel Stays Pvt., Ltd., subsists more than 11,000 rooms across 26 Chinese cities including Hangzhou, Xian, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Kunming. Lately, OYO has been busy investigating new growth opportunities and boom! The expansion of the hotel budget aggregator in one of the fastest developing countries China is one big achievement for the homegrown startup.

The young lad who is the founder and CEO of OYO, Ritesh Agarwal said, after our successful overseas expansion and operations in Malaysia and Nepal, we are thrilled to offer OYO hotels’ hassle free and standardized stay experience to guests in China.

The company has been growing exponentially and it claims around 100,000 rooms in India.  Ritesh added, the expansion is in line with our mission of creating beautiful living spaces by empowering hotel owners to become better hospitality players while ensuring an end to end controlled experience for our guests. Apart from the newest China, OYO’s foreign market presence includes Dubai, Malaysia and Nepal.

Another fascinating news for OYO is that the well known investor SoftBank Group is keen on doubling its investment in the budget hotel aggregator. SoftBank has been part of four funding rounds worth $ 512 million in OYO, since August 2015. Recently, the Chairman and Chief Executive, Masayoshi Son of SoftBank, called OYO Hotels a ‘next generation hotel company using the internet service’. Mr. Son also revealed his plans to support OYO Hotels in its foray into China through a joint venture.

OYO was founded in the year 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal who was a teenager then. He also happens to be a Thiel Fellow who got the idea for the business after a not so satisfying experience of staying in budget hotels in India. The hotel budget aggregator provides various convenient services to the customers that include bringing the long tail of small hotels online to generate bookings by ensuring minimum standards for travellers such as hot water, clean towels, linen and internet services.

The company would soon enter the unicorn club when it would raise fundings in the next round of capital. A unicorn startup is valued at $ 1 billion or more! At present, OYO is valued at around $ 260 million. 

With its latest diversification, OYO is definitely aiming high!

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These Two Powerful Women Own The Couch At 2018 Forbes Women’s Summit!



Two Powerful Women At 2018 Forbes Women Summit,2018 Forbes Women Summit,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Latest Business News 2018,Forbes Women Summit 2018,Most Powerful Women Summit 2018,2018 Forbes Summit,India Most Influential Women,Most Powerful Women In Entertainment,Powerful Women at 2018 Forbes

The 2018 Forbes Women’s Summit kicked off at Pier Sixty, New York on June 19, making an immense impact. The event notices influential women including leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and artists from across the globe. These ladies come together to discuss how women surface the path toward an extraordinary future with courage and enthusiasm. The summit was initiated with a welcome note delivered by Moira Forbes, EVP, Forbes Media. Not only that but India’s most influential women, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi and actress cum activist Priyanka Chopra, both conveyed the last keynote of the day.

In conversation with Priyanka Chopra and Indra Nooyi!

Speaking about Priyanka Chopra, from Bollywood to Hollywood, she is the first Bollywood actor to lead a major drama series on American television. Also in 2017 Forbes’ ranked Priyanka on the 15th spot on the list of Most Powerful Women In Entertainment And Media. Apart from her acting prowess, Priyanka is also well known for her contributions as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Whereas, Indra Nooyi comes second on the Forbes’ list of most powerful women in business in 2017. Being marked among the highest ranking women of Indian heritage in corporate America, Indra Nooyi spoke about the beginning of her career in America at the 2018 Forbes Women’s Summit. She said, In my early days working in corporate America, I never really fit in. I worried about how I was perceived. I decided after a while that I’m never going to win the looks battle. So I’m going to focus on the brains. I focussed on doing the job better than anyone else could do it. Nooyi spoke her heart out to the women out there saying, If you struggle with these choices, you’re not crazy. You’re human. Moving over, Priyanka Chopra added, You may not know me, I’m an actor from India. I’ve done 50-something movies. But I’m also someone who is not defined by my ethnicity or where I come from. I’m a woman, I’m an actor, I’m an artist and I’d like to see where that takes me.

The conversation was packed with extremely intellectual talks and inspiring stories from their lives. The actress later spoke about how marriages in India have an impact on women’s careers. She added, Because I’m in my 30s, which is obviously over the hill, my mother said to me, you’ll get married the day you find someone who appreciates how hard you worked to get where you are and no one is the decision maker in my life. From marriage to interesting lifetime experiences, the two powerful women came out with their fierce stories.

Be it the corporate world or the entertainment industry, women have emerged as the modern day heroes and are still going strong!


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