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Researchers Develop Internet Crystal Ball To Predict Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk

Smruthi Kishore



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Scientific researchers have developed internet crystal ball to predict early symptoms of heart attack and also prevent the risk of diabetes. Internet crystal ball is a metabolic calculator that will predict the patient’s risk of developing heart attacks and diabetes. This process is far more accurate than that of the traditional methods.

This tool will indirectly prompt the patients to make certain changes in lifestyle that would spare them from suffering from the attack.

“This tells a patient, ‘On the risk spectrum you are here, and you are in a position where we are worried you are going to have a cardiovascular attack in the next 10 years’” says Mark DeBoer (who developed the metabolic crystal ball) from the University of Virginia in the US.

He also added saying that this hypothesis will give specific information about the risk so that the patients can understand and eventually be motivated to make some changes in their lifestyle.

These five factors are studied to predict the risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes: Obesity, high blood pressure, high fasting blood sugar, low HDL (good) cholesterol and also high fasting triglycerides. Patients with abnormalities in any of these 3 are diagnosed and suggest that they have an elevated risk for future health problems.

This metabolic crystal ball was studied on more than 13,000 people and found that the tool was a better risk predictor. This could also be incorporated in the electronic medical record to calculate the risk and the same can be provided to the physician. The final outcome is to make the patient understand the risk and start taking some preventive steps.

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Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 9



Samsung Galaxy Note 9,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Technology News 2018,Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price,Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications,Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features,Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Latest Leaks,Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

We are just 10 days away from the most anticipated launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the latest Samsung smartphone.

Ever since the news dropped regarding the launch of the next flagship of Samsung, a lot of rumours are doing the rounds. As the launch event of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 approaches, the excitement levels are only getting intense by the minute. The event is all set to kick start on 9 August in Brooklyn, New York City. With each passing day, a lot of speculations are coming in and various leaked images are doing the rounds. 

Apart from leaked images, we are flooded with a wide range of new features too!

According to the latest leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a base model of 128 GB of storage. It appears that Samsung will only offer two variants of the Galaxy Note 9 this year, with 128 GB and 512 GB of onboard storage. As per the report by Sammobile, a new leaked poster for buyers based in Indonesia revealed the price and designs of the phone.

According to the leaked images, the Galaxy Note 9 will arrive in Indonesia in three colour variants including artisan copper, engineered blue and mystic black. These images also suggest that in Indonesia, both the 128GB and 512GB models of the Galaxy Note 9 will come with a free Samsung TVs as pre order gifts. Whether or not these images are true, only time will tell! The Galaxy Note 9 will have a massive 4,000 mAh battery, according to Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency ‘ANATEL.’ This breathtaking battery of 4k mAh lasts for two days and could playback 25 hours of non stop video! Not only that but this sassy phone would display with maximum brightness on a single charge. Is that not stunning?

As far as the prices are concerned, according to a source, the 128 GB in built storage model of the Galaxy Note 9 will be priced at IDR. 13,500,000 (Rs. 64,400) in Indonesia. The 512 GB variant of the smartphone’s price will be significantly higher at IDR. 17,500,000 (Rs. 83,500). However, there is no mention of a 64GB or a 256GB model of the handset. The phone will come with a 6.4 inches high resolution OLED screen and consists of Samsung’s customised software, Android Oreo. The Note 9 will also sport dual camera system on the rear, with one of the cameras supporting optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available in a wide range of vibrant colours including black, silver, lilac purple, brown and coral blue.

Flipkart also released a teaser in which it hints Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to launch in India on August 9.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a series of high end Android based smartphones and tablets, developed by Samsung Electronics. All the Galaxy Note models ship with a stylus pen and are incorporated with a pressure sensitive Wacom digitizer. These models also include software features that are oriented towards the stylus and the devices’ large screens, such as note taking and digital scrapbooking apps and split screen multitasking. The first ever launch of this series took place at IFA Berlin in 2011.

For more updates, follow StartupStories.

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SRKay ‘SCIKEY MindMatch’: This Algorithm Can Predict A Startup’s Success!



A Pune based firm claims its AI can predict the success of a startup! Oh, yes! You heard that right!

At the recently held UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) meeting in Geneva, SRkay Consulting Group unveiled its remarkable algorithm called SCIKEY MindMatchAccording to this Pune based firm, SCIKEY MindMatch can foresee whether a startup would make it or break up. MindMatch’s algorithm is based on the research conducted by SRkay’s talent solutions venture, SCIKEY.

The Managing Partner of SRKay, Mr. Alok Kumar said about 78 percent of startups are successful due to human only factors while, the failures are primarily because of ignoring these factors.

MindMatch’s algorithm uses several human oriented attributes for its prediction, which have been largely ignored by startups across the globe, leading to massive startup failures. At the meeting, Mr. Kumar presented an analysis study in the area of entrepreneurship and how the success of a startup could be foreseen via MindMatch. Also, he presented how this can be leveraged by everyone to ensure the success of a start up, foster a culture of innovation and growth.


Currently, SRKay Consulting Group invests globally and aims at achieving an 80 % success rate using its SCIKEY’s MindMatch. Its remarkable algorithm utilizes the power of AI with in depth psychological analysis to predict entrepreneurial success at individual & team levels. The overwhelming insights based on years of research received stunning appreciation from leaders across nations.

As far as SCIKEY is concerned, this talent solutions venture of SRKay provides a comprehensive talent commerce platform where human psychology and cutting edge technology integrate to maximize the potential of talented minds, effectively.

The use of AI and automation is all set to unleash the transformations on how things work! With the tech world reaching new heights, what else can we expect in the near future?

So, do you want to find out about your startup’s success? Stay tuned to SCIKEY MindMatch!

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Netflix To Upgrade Its Platform For The Indian Market



Netflix Upgrade Its Platform,Netflix Indian Market,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Latest Business News 2018,OTT Platform Market in India,Netflix New Strategies,Netflix CEO,Netflix Latest News,Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings,Indian OTT Market,Netflix Platform Upgrade Strategy,Technology News 2018

The Over The Top (OTT) platform market in India is booming and the competitors are gearing up for new strategies to keep their audience hooked. Netflix Inc., an American over the top media service provider, headquartered in Los Gatos, California, is among the top OTT platforms of all times. Ruling the overseas video streaming market, Netflix launched its platform in India in the year 2016. However, the competition only got intense with time. So, the streaming giant is now spending an enormous amount to the tune of $ 8 billion on content in India as a part of its expansion plans. According to a source, the company may enter lower priced segments to attract new subscribers in India. The Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings said we are way behind YouTube, Hotstar. Those are really the leaders on internet. We are really pleased with our progress or tracking we are making since we launched two and a half years ago.

Netflix’s quarterly revenue and subscriber numbers fell short of expectations in Monday’s earnings call, resulting in the tumbling down of Netflix stock 10 %. Theodore Anthony Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer for Netflix said reaching out to 125 million members in 190 countries around the world, Netflix keeps its viewing data private, so all we are offered is a relative picture. If you compare [the Indian business] to our early business in Latin America, we are ahead of what we were when we started [there]. It’s growing faster.

Netflix started off by purchasing ownership rights to two seasons of the famous series House of Cards for $ 100 million. Today, it is making more television series than any network in history! In order to gear up for the Indian OTT market, Netflix launched its first ever original Indian series Sacred Games, this month. The regional content strategy of Netflix seemed to work tremendously, so far! Not only that but its Original Hindi movie Lust Stories is also doing really well! Netflix has seven more Indian shows in the pipeline, with original content which should also strengthen its global position.

Mr. Sarandos said we have been producing shows that are incredibly relevant in their home territories and the nice windfall is they get viewed all over the world.

Elated by their success Netflix, the Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said, we are really getting some nice momentum in our India growth. We are still a niche product and have got a long way to go to expand languages and many other aspects to able to cover to be a broad Indian product. But in terms of our beachhead, I am very pleased with what we have been doing.

Speaking about the growth of OTT in India, according to PwC, India will enter the top 10 largest global OTT video markets by 2022 with a whopping revenue of over Rs. 5,500 crores.


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