Samsung had put an end to a long run rumor about their foldable smartphones. Yes, one of the top mobile companies Samsung is all ready to display its foldable smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

According to reports from South Korea, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display are gearing up to introduce its foldable smartphones to selected audiences in MWC 2017. If sources are to be believed, those phones will be shown to a few selected audiences in a private room in order to get feedback from the attendees.

After getting some feedback, some final touch will be applied before the public launch.
This smartphone will feature a flexible AMOLED display.

Further reports reveal that Samsung won’t be able to begin its smartphone production until mid-2018 due to some technical issues. Probably one of the reasons due to the lag is the inability to produce the polyamide-based plastic cover which plays a pivotal role in the foldable smartphones. However, the mass production of the mobile phones will start only in the second half of 2018.

Meanwhile, LG is also working on its own version of foldable smartphones. It is also said to partner with Apple and Microsoft for the development of foldable panels.

Well, we have to wait for another year more to witness these phones.

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