Dubai will soon start the services of its first ever passenger carrying vehicle which travels aerially. Yes, this drone will transport individuals through the air without a pilot which will fly Dubai’s skyline from this summer.

Watch the video here:

Well, the arrival of this automated vehicle known as Ehang 184 was announced from the head of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority Mattar Al Tayer, at the World Government Summit.

This is the first time ever when this drone which was earlier displayed at CES 2016 had been allowed to be used by individuals.

Al Tayer said that they are planning to operate Ehang 184 for public use from July this year. However, it had made its debut flight over the country’s Burj-al-Arab skyscraper hotel.

The aerial vehicle is auto-piloted, directed and monitored via a command center. Ehang 184 is fitted with advanced navigation technologies. This operates within an area of 40 to 50 kilometers.

This has a capacity of carrying a person weighing 100 kgs. And a separate section for keeping a suitcase is also provided inside it. The Battery is operated with 30 minutes of flight time. The seat is fitted with a touch screen tablet so that you can select the drop off destination.

The maker of Ehang says that the manufacturing of the drone is done in such a way that even if one propeller fails, the vehicle will still continue to reach its destination point.

Yes, this is going to get really interesting. On a smaller scale, these drones can be used by Amazon deliveries for medical supply transportation.

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