The popular automaker Ford is experimenting with 3 D printed parts. Having partnered with Stratasys Ltd., Ford is all set to manufacture a 3 D print prototype car parts. The Stratasys Infinite build 3-D printer is capable of printing a car part of any desired size.

Watch the video here:

On Monday, the company announced that it is testing a 3 D printing for large scale parts with Stratasys’s commercial grade Infinite 3 D printer.

Ford says 3 D printing could be a breakthrough for vehicle manufacturing having benefits like efficiency, lower costs and can also test the prototype parts and components for low volume models like race cars.

The 3 D printing is taking place at the company’s factory in Michigan using the printer made by Stratasys. Ford estimates that a 3 D printed spoiler will weigh less than half the weight of the equivalent one made from a metal casting.

If this project of testing goes smoothly, Ford can be beneficial in a number of ways. It can offer upgrade options and niche vehicle lines, boost rare car manufacturing and build inexpensive prototypes.

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