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Henry Ford Unknown Facts




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Henry Ford is the founder of the Ford Motor Company and was an entrepreneur who turned his idea into a successful business.  He also single handedly developed an automobile which every middle class American person could afford. Let’s look at some unknown facts about Ford. 


Unknown facts about Henry Ford

1) As a young man, Henry Ford repaired watches for his friends and family with tools he made himself. 

2) Ford worked for another famous inventor, Thomas Alva Edison.  He worked at Edison Illuminating Company’s main plant in Detroit as the Chief Engineer.


3) Henry Ford bought the Redstone School House in Sterling, Massachusetts, which he claimed was mentioned in the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Ford went on to publish a book, The Story of Mary and Her Little Lamb and Ford Ideals, to prove his point.


4) Henry Ford was a close friend of Thomas Alva Edison and kept Edison’s last breath in a test tube sealed with cork, as a memorial to Edison’s “life and breath.”

5) Henry Ford hated farming, but at the age of 25, had to turn to work on his family farm after getting married, to feed his family.


6) He published a book about the effects of smoking on human body, called The Case Against the Little White Slaver, in 1914.  As smoking was not considered unhealthy at the time, the book was considered unusual by the public.

7) Ford found himself an unusual admirer when he became the only American mentioned in Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.  Hitler called Ford an inspiration, while speaking to Detroit News.


8) Henry Ford once ran for the United States Senate with the encouragement of the then President, Woodrow Wilson.  However, Ford refused to spend any money on campaigns and lost by 4,500 votes.

Henry Ford was a true entrepreneur, whose ideas revolutionized the world of automobiles and in the process, made him an inspiration to many.


Which fact about Henry Ford surprised you the most?  Comment below and let us know.


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Estée Lauder Life Lessons




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Estée Lauder was the founder of Estée Lauder Companies Inc., famous for its prestigious skincare, makeup and fragrance products.  Estée Lauder started her company with the belief there are no unattractive women, only women who don’t care. Lauder, through her products and belief, changed the face of the beauty industry.  Check out some incredible life lessons to learn from this beauty mogul to motivate you.

Life lessons to learn from Estée Lauder  

1) Age is just a number

Estée Lauder was a teenager when she started her own business of selling beauty creams made by her uncle, Dr. John Schotz.  She sold the creams to her classmates and eventually, at beauty salons.  Lauder used business tricks and started handing out free products in an effort to increase sales.  The important lesson to learn here is no matter what your age is, you can become successful with your ideas, determination and hard work.

2) Believe in yourself and your ideas

Estée Lauder truly believed the world would be a better place if everyone bought her products.  According to her, “A person has to love her harvest if she’s to expect others to love it.”  Lauder believed in herself and the ideas she had for her Company.  Although it was quite uncommon for women to start their business in the 1940s, Lauder stood her ground in the corporate world and focused on achieving her goals.  In the entrepreneurial world, it is very important to believe in oneself and one’s ideas, in order to achieve any kind of success.

3) Working hard is the key to success

Estée Lauder was not born to a rich family.  In fact, she started her business from her kitchen and with hard work, built her billion dollar company.  Lauder famously said she did not become successful by wishing and hoping, but by working hard. If you have some great ideas, work hard towards making them a reality, instead of waiting for a golden opportunity.

4) Rejection is a great motivator

After her product was rejected by the manager of Europe’s largest department store, Lauder spilled a bottle of her perfume on the floor in order to attract people to her product.  She was eventually offered a contract by the manager of the store, after people started showing interest in her product. Estée Lauder, instead of accepting defeat when faced with rejection, quickly found a way to achieve what she wanted.  In the process, she taught us to take rejection in a positive way. 

5) The power of creativity

Estée Lauder was a creative person and her creative marketing tactics were the reason her Company became so successful.  When her Company was small and did not have any money to hire an ad agency, Estée came up with the idea of giving away free samples with each purchase.  This technique proved to be a success and brought in thousands of new customers. She revolutionized the entire beauty industry with this technique, which has been adopted by many companies ever since.


Estée Lauder spent all her life working on her dream and in the process, became a role model to many.  If you think we missed out on any other life lessons by Estée Lauder, comment below and let us know.

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Thomas Alva Edison Most inspiring Quotes




Thomas Alva Edison Most inspiring Quotes,10 Inspiring Quotes by Thomas Alva Edison,Top 10 Thomas Alva Edison Quotes,startup stories,Most Inspirational Quotes 2019,Thomas Alva Edison Latest News,Thomas Alva Edison Motivational Quotes,Thomas Alva Edison Quotes,Thomas Alva Edison Success Quotes

Often regarded as America’s greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison is an inspiration to many.  From the invention of the lightbulb, to developing the world’s first motion picture camera, Edison’s inventions had a strong impact on the modern industrialized world.  Here are the 10 most inspiring quotes by Thomas Alva Edison.

Most inspiring quotes by Thomas Alva Edison

1) About being a genius


2) About failure


3) About hard work


4) About giving up


5) About time

6) About invention

7) About opportunity

8) About executing ideas

9) About capability

10) About discontentment


Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor turned entrepreneur, with 512 patents under his name.  He was the first scientist to employ a group of researchers and to establish an industrial laboratory.  Edison’s work and success is the reason many people see him as an inspirational figure.


Comment below and let us know which of these quotes by Thomas Alva Edison inspired you the most.

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Harley-Davidson Success Story




Harley-Davidson Success Story,Startup Stories,harley davidson history,harley davidson success factors,harley davidson success strategy,harley-davidson founders,Harley Davidson Brand Story,Harley Davidson Bike Story,True Story of Harley Davidson,Harley Davidson Latest News

The dream of every motorbike enthusiast, Harley-Davidson was founded in the year 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This American motorcycle manufacturing company has seen several ups and downs in its 116 year long history and is one of the two motorcycle companies to survive the Great Depression. 

Founder William S. Harley, along with his childhood friend Arthur Davidson, started working on a small engine in Davidson’s family shed.  Based on William S. Harley’s design, the duo developed the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which took almost 2 years to finish. The duo were then joined by Arthur Davidson’s brothers William A. Davidson and Walter Davidson and formed their company Harley-Davidson, producing a limited number of motorcycles.  Harley and the brothers then went on to build their first factory in 1906 in Chestnut Avenue, Milwaukee, where the corporate headquarters of Harley-Davidson are situated now. The Company slowly started making profits and by 1914, it was ahead of its competitor, Indian, another motorcycle manufacturing company and was producing almost 16,500 machines a year.

Harley-Davidson’s popularity rose after America entered World War I and the demand for motorcycle for war efforts increased.  Harley-Davidson sold nearly 20,000 motorcycles to the American military. Another great opportunity was World War II, when the Company sold nearly 80,000 motorcycles to the allied forces.


By 1920, Harley-Davidson became the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world, with its presence in 67 countries.  However, the Company suffered greatly during the Great Depression, when its sales plummeted from 21,000 in 1929 to 3,703 in 1933.  The Company somehow survived the Great Depression by introducing various new vehicles like a three wheeled utility motorcycle called Servi-Car, while legendary motorcycle manufacturers like Excelsior-Hendersen perished. 

Harley-Davidson stayed popular all over the world until the 1960s.  In 1969, after it was bought by American Machine and Foundry (AMF,) the Company suffered from a tarnished reputation.  The AMF fired many of the Company’s workers and reduced production, resulting in poor quality yet expensive motorcycles.  This move resulted in a decline of sales and popularity and the Company almost went bankrupt. 

Harley-Davidson gained its reputation back in 1981, after the AMF sold the Company to a group of investors, which included William A. Davidson’s grandson, Willie G. Davidson.  The new management decided to exploit the retro appeal of the Company by adopting the look and feel of the earlier motorcycles manufactured by the Company.  This was considered to be a smart move and Harley-Davidson revived its lost reputation. The Company has been growing ever since and launched various new ranges of motorcycles.

In the 21st century, Harley-Davidson established itself as one of the most respected motorcycle manufacturers in the world and became one of the strongest brands.  With a net worth of over $ 5.06 billion, Harley-Davidson has come a long way.

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