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Aptech International Preschool Organized a Series of Webinars on “Emotional Intelligence – The Quotient that Matters” and Stress Busters for Parents of Pre-Schoolers




Aptech International Preschool organized a series of webinars for parents of pre-schoolers. The webinar had eminent personalities and speakers from the industry including Fatema Agarkar who is the Founder of ‘Agarkar Center of Excellence’ and Neha Kare Kanabar, Founder, (UNIMO) Universe of Moms alongside a manifestation coach and Riddhi Doshi Patel, a child psychologist and parenting counsellor. The webinars aimed to educate the parents of young children and pre-choolers about the importance of emotion coaching, cognitive development and social skills development offering parents guidance to help their kids with strategies for coping with emotions.

Aptech Limited

So far, the brand has addressed these important discussions over two webinars, first one focussing on Emotional Intelligence, followed by a one on one conversation with a qualified child psychologist Ms. Riddhi Doshi Patel on ‘Stress busters for parents of pre-schoolers‘. With the ongoing pandemic affecting not just the physical but also the emotional health of each of us and toddlers being no different; Aptech International Preschool has put these discussions on priority and intended to reach out to all the parents who can be helped through these webinars via a Facebook live medium.

Panel discussion on Emotional Intelligence and its importance in the life of children and parents

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Emotional Intelligence basically is the ability of a person to understand one’s own emotions and others too, the ability to notice, understand and act effectively on emotions. Since the book release, ‘Emotional Intelligence‘ by Daniel Goleman in 1995, study after study has proven that, “Cognitive skills-verbal comprehension, memory, reasoning and processing speed-will help academically, but they will only get a person so far in life. To really go the distance, those IQ traits should be rounded out with social-emotional skills like motivation, perseverance, impulse control, coping mechanisms and the ability to delay gratification.” Social skills are behaviours that promote positive interactions among people. It could start of by teaching them sharing, taking turns, cooperating and communicating clearly. Children with poor social skills are often found having a hard time getting along with other children or coping up in general.

Bhavika Chouhan, Senior Vice President & Business Head, Aptech International Preschool said, “What we intended to do with these webinars about ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Stress busters for parents of pre-schoolers‘, is to address these important topics with parents to create awareness about emotion coaching; cognitive development and social skill development of their kids not only to be healthy physically but also to be able to make friends and do better in life in general. Lockdown required young children to stay indoors all the time and hence we felt this is the right time to talk about it.”

She further added, “At Aptech International Preschool, we have prepared our curriculum keeping cognitive development, social skills and emotional intelligence in mind. Through our webinars, we wish to guide as many parents as possible. Only the right guidance to parents can help the pre-schoolers acquire skills that will make a lasting impact in developing their overall personalities.”

Neha Kare Kanabar, Founder, Universe of Moms said, “Today we all understand the relevance of Emotional Intelligence in an adult life as well as in the life of kids, also an emotionally intelligent kid eases a mother’s life in so many ways. We at UNIMO are all about mother’s wellbeing and we all agree that a mother’s happiness is in the child’s wellbeing and that is all the more reason for me to use this platform with Aptech International Preschool to talk about such an important topic. Parents today are more open to having such discussions and I hope this webinar helped them in enhancing their parenting skills.”

Fatema Agarkar, founder of Agarkar Center of Excellence added, “When we talk about education, it is often fixated on performance and those performance goals are always about language acquisition, numerously brilliant, scientific discovery. We often forget that children are all about emotion, it’s how they feel and how they react to how they feel. Unfortunately we’ve all been in lockdown since March 2020 and have had the moments of impulse loss as adults. Imagine the little ones subject to all of this, locked in a house and no body to actually guide them about how to regulate those emotions. Social-emotional learning is a process of development that should begin early-on in life as it is all about self-awareness, self-control and inter-personal skills which would result in healthy mental health as one progresses in life.”

Talking about ‘Stress busters for parents of pre-schoolers‘ which happened to be the second webinar by Aptech International preschool, Ms. Riddhi Doshi Patel, a Child Psychologist and Parenting Counsellor said, “There have been two sides to what effect pandemic has brought to parents and children, in a way it has been blessing in disguise and brought parents and kids together, they got to understand each other better. On the flip side we have been hearing about anxiety and panic problems, especially to the kids. This makes it important for us to address this as a serious concern. I am glad that Aptech International Preschool (AIP) picked this problem to discuss, this would help the parents to get a hold on the highs and the lows of dealing with their kid’s emotions at this time and in the future.”

She added, “Children in our generation got to play with mud, pluck flowers run in the field etc. Cognitive development is all about how much space you give to your child to be creative, to go out of their comfort zone and to be explorative. Given current circumstances, you could engage your kids in the kitchen even if the kid is only one and a half year old, give them a wall to play with colours without restricting their creativity. Talking about Social skills, though both cognitive and social skills go hand in hand, it is very important that as parents, you communicate (verbally and non-verbally) with your child, even if it is a one month old baby – this way you instil emotional vocabulary in a child.”

Aptech International Preschool brand has grown to be present in several cities and now has introduced its digitized and improvised model to the preschool segment. Aptech International Preschool is focusing its new curriculum on exposing the children to the 21st century skills also considered as core life skills for child development. The curriculum supports cognitive development, critical thinking, sequential learning and social-emotional skills.

For more information, please visit or give a missed call at 18002091444.

About Aptech Limited

With over three decades of strong experience in the vocational skill training and non-formal academic curriculum based training programs, Aptech Limited is a pioneer in the non-formal vocational training business in the country with a significant global presence. Ever since its commencement in 1986 and with a current presence in total over 800 centres globally, Aptech Limited has effectively ventured into diverse sectors ranging from IT training, media & entertainment, retail & aviation, beauty & wellness, banking & finance, pre-school segment amongst others. Aptech Limited has successfully trained students, professionals, universities & corporates through its two main streams of business – Individual training and Enterprise Business Group.

Under Individual Training, Aptech offers career and professional training through its multi brands – Arena Animation, Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) (both in Animation & Multimedia), Lakm Academy powered by Aptech (beauty & grooming), Aptech Learning (Information Technology, Aptech Hardware & Networking, English Learning Language & Banking & Finance), Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy, Aptech International Preschool amongst others.

Enterprise business includes Training and Assessment Solutions for Corporates & Institutions (Aptech Training Solutions, Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions). Aptech Limited has been recognized as a Great Place to Work (2017 & 2019) won the Golden Peacock National Training Award (2019) and appraised at Maturity Level 5 of People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) in the year 2020.

For further information, please visit:

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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration is the Need of the Hour: Experts at PanIIT India Event




  • Ease of investment regulations and enhanced industry funding for research are the top priorities
  • Tamil Nadu CM, M.K. Stalin and J&K LG, Manoj Sinha graced the event as Guests of Honour

PanIIT India, an umbrella body representing the alumni of IITs, organized its flagship event – PI-WOT 2021Global Virtual Technology Summit on September 17th – 18th. The 36 hours long mega event with more than 100 eminent speakers, 15000 delegates and 10+ knowledge sessions witnessed compelling discussions on transformative technology and its adoption to generate empowering solutions for the world. The dialogues were facilitated through engaging verticals of seminars, hackathon competition and a startup showcase.

Shri M.K. Stalin, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Tami Nadu, the Guest of Honour, addressed the event by saying, “IIT has made proud contributions in Tamil Nadu’s growth and stood firmly in finding pioneering solutions. The state has a favorable ecosystem with highly skilled youth, surplus solar power and most number of SEZs making it an ideal place for innovative enterprises. We would want PanIIT to continue to collaborate with us in becoming a technical hub for emerging technology.”

Guest of Honour, Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, Jammu & Kashmir and an IIT BHU alumnus highlighted the rapid transformation triggered by technology and stressed upon the need for businesses and industries to adapt and keep pace with technological changes. Speaking on the reconstructive power of technology he added, “The days are not far when there wont be any electricity, electric cables or solar panels, as our windows, glass panels and roofs itself will generate electricity. Or the new education apps and modules with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, will make the teachers obsolete wherever possible.”

Delivering the grand keynote, Asha Jadeja Motwani, Founder, Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation, shared her thoughts on the reforms required to cultivate the business environment in India. “As an emerging global power, India must accept global corporate norms in the country and partner with global powers like United States or Israel on military front and this is something that the IIT alumni and startups should keep on their radar.” Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, brought a policy perspective and said, “We need right kind of policies for Science, Technology, and Innovation and we can see that there are encouraging developments taking place at this front.”

After the completion of inauguration ceremony and keynote addresses, the Summit moved on to have dialogues on the key themes of technology – AI, Automation, IoT, Cloud, Virtual Reality, and Digitization via multiple seminars and the involvement of 100+ distinguished experts. In subsequent sessions, experts across sectors deliberated upon the current industry scenario, emerging trends, challenges, and recommendations to foster an enabling environment for deep science and deep tech to solve some of the most critical world issues.

Industry veterans, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chairman Axilor Ventures, Co-founder Infosys; Desh Deshpande, Life Member, MIT Corporation and K Ananth Krishnan, CTO, TCS stressed upon the need for a deeper collaboration between the industry, academia, and government. Experts also felt that the government must ease out rules for global capital to come to India and highlighted that industry funding for research should increase in future for greater success.

Some of the prominent names from the industry, Dr. Aloknath De, CTO, Samsung R&D India; Irina Ghose, ED, Cloud Solutions, Microsoft, India; Sanjay Kaul, President, APAC & Japan, Service Provider Business, CISCO; Jeyandran Venugopal, CTO, Flipkart; Smita Ojha, Engineering Director, Google Workspace; Abhinav Sinha, Global COO & Chief Product Officer, OYO; Arun Chandavarkar, MD, Biocon Biologics Ltd.; Sumit Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, CoinDCX, were part of the discussions that took place in the two-day virtual affair.

Mr. Krishen K. Dhar, Chairman, PanIIT Alumni India in his address said, “First, I would like to congratulate the winners of Hackathon and Startup Showcase. We hope the winners can bring about empowering change through their innovations. Second, the aim of this summit was to establish dialogues on new & latest technologies and to bring different stakeholders under one roof and encourage collaborations. Through PIWOT 2021, we have been able to advance these objectives and would continue to do so in future as well.

About PanIIT

PanIIT is the umbrella organization of alumni of IIITs around the world, working towards building a knowledge pool of people and resources to address global challenges. It represents over 200,000 graduates from all the IITs, and has active chapters in the US, India, Europe, Canada, Australia and Singapore. With IIT alumnus is top positions in the private and public sector, civil services, research and development, academia, and doing illustrious work, PanIIT has an ambitious agenda to direct its resource pool to undertake impact-making initiatives to create a better tomorrow.

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A Step towards Solving the Oxygen Crisis in Country, Albot Technologies Inaugurates O2 Plant in Pune




A 500 LPM oxygen plant was inaugurated by Mr. Ajit Pawar, the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra on Friday. The plant has been made operational by Albot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with D.Y. Patil International University (DYPIU) and is installed in the premises of D Y Patil Dnyanshanti School, Akurdi. This marked a monumental milestone towards a future with sufficient oxygen supply. To refresh one’s memory, during the second wave of the pandemic, India had immensely struggled with a rampant oxygen shortage. A sustainable solution to tackle such a critical issue was the need of the hour.

Mr. Ajitdada Pawar cuts the ribbon on Albot Technologies O2 Plant

The list of guests of honour also included the likes of Dr. Sanjay Patil – President, Dr. D.Y. Patil Pratishthan, Mr. Satej Patil – Chairman & Vice President Dr. D.Y. Patil Pratishthan, and Minister of State, Govt of Maharashtra and Dr. Prabhat Ranjan, VC D.Y. Patil International University.

The plant has been engineered to produce over 500 Litres of Oxygen per minute. It employs the well-known Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technique by which the enriched oxygen is generated from the ambient air while filtering out the nitrogen. With the PSA technique, an oxygen purity of 93% can be achieved. Once the oxygen is generated, it can be directly supplied to the hospitals and industrial sectors.

“Our objective is to strengthen the oxygen manufacturing capacity in the nation to forestall the consequences as seen in the second wave of the pandemic. We are viewing this from a multidimensional perspective; enhancing the supply chain while keeping an eye on the evolving demand too,” said Dr. Akash Singh, CEO, Albot Technologies.

Under the Corporate-University collaboration, Albot Technologies has been in a partnership with DYPIU for technology, infrastructure, and healthcare projects.

This collaboration is fueled by the purpose to serve the community in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and to develop indigenous O2 plant technology for future use under the “Make in India” initiative.

The specialized PSA technique used for this Oxygen plant is a “clean technology“. The raw materials used for this technique are only air and hence there’s no risk of contamination. The oxygen supplied via this plant can be stored for long-term usage and it’s completely safe to use because the chemicals used in the process are non-toxic.

Along with the added advantage of its capacity to produce 500 liters per minute, this O2 plant aims to annihilate India’s oxygen crisis substantially.

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Sirca Celebrates Jashn-e-Rang with Key Partners as they Believe ‘Ghar Hai Aapse’




Sirca, one of the leading Italian and premium wood coatings brands in India hosted an event for its dealers and distributors family on September 13. The colorful event was carried out by following all COVID protocols, and the company hosted this program to spread positivity among its stakeholders.

Sirca Celebrates Jashn-e-Rang Event

Named Jashn-e-Rang, Sirca organized this event to live up to the companys motto Ghar Hai Aapse With this event, the company made a positive move by showcasing how events can be carried out in a new normal scenario.

Apart from distributors, dealers, and stakeholders, Bollywood beauty Malaika Arora, and singer Khadke Glassy fame Ashok Masti also graced the occasion with their presence. “Even though the global pandemic has taken a toll on the entire business sector in India, Sirca believes in positivity, and we have now celebrated our past achievements by giving rewards and recognition to dealers and distributors. We also inaugurated our new office and manufacturing units, and it is a clear indication that business operations can be done without any toll in this new normal scenario. As the second wave of the pandemic has now waned in India, I strongly hope that all business operations will be bounced back strongly in the nation,” said Apoorv Agarwal, Sirca Joint Managing Director.

“When the pandemic badly affected the world of business, Sirca stood tall as an industry leader. By organizing this event, Sircas exuberance is a huge example and great inspiration for the market, it’s always a pleasure to partner with such a spirited brand,” said Darpan Sharma, CEO & Strategist, DigiStreet.

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