Over the decades, the objectives behind celebrating Women’s Day has evolved and has embraced culture and ethnicity to emerge as a celebration of appreciation, love, and respect towards women. This day has formed an integral part of the curriculum to spread awareness of women empowerment.

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From the past few years, what is being noticed is the rise of women entrepreneurs in the world. These women are slowly yet confidently erasing the barriers that have been made by our traditional ancestors. Yes, the gender barrier is what we are talking about.

There is an age-old belief that only men can lead and rule the business and women can’t handle it well like that of men. Several national and international organizations have appreciated the need for and importance of developing women entrepreneurs in recent years.

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Women entrepreneurs need to be lauded for their increased utilization of modern technologies and setting a trend for other entrepreneurs in the organized sector. Gender equality and economic development go hand in hand.

Women are now emerging as successful entrepreneurs and their contribution to the national economy is quite visible in India. Women entrepreneurs constitute around 10% of the total number of entrepreneurs with a rapidly increasing trend.

The women of the 1970s opened up new frontiers and developed new aspirations, ambitions which led to self-employment and employment generation. These women wanted a home, marriage, children as well as careers.They accept the share of the work and responsibilities for success and growth of the enterprise.

In the 1980s, the number of women pursuing highly sophisticated technological and professional education increased. They then entered into family businesses and contributed as equal partners. Women then made their personal choices and gained the courage to make new beginnings.

The women of the 1990s became capable, competent and confident. They were clear about their goals, their processes and the dynamics of goal accomplishment. These women were fearless and learned to live alone and learned how to rear their children alone.

Now, 21st century is the century of telecom, IT and financial institutions. Women get hands-on expertise in these industries which made them emerge as a force to be reckoned with.

Frederick Harrison says “Any woman or group of women which innovates, imitates or adapts an economic activity may be called (a) woman entrepreneurship.”

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