As we all know the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. This determination is what made all the difference for a small vendor Surinder Singh. From selling fruits from his farm on a cycle to expanding his business to 12 countries, he has seen it all. Determination and persistent hard work can take a man anywhere he wants to go. 

This is the story of Surinder Singh who was once an ordinary fruit seller who used a bicycle for his trading and now an owner of a multi-million dollar business which runs across 12 countries. You will also be surprised to know that he just passed his primary education which he discontinued, only to start farming.

Born to a poor farming family in a small village in Abohar in Punjab, he started selling Kinnows, a type of hybrid oranges. Every morning he used to get fresh kinnows directly from the farmers and sold them door to door. Within no time he understood the importance of the fruit business and discovered this bode pretty well for him. Surinder Singh decided to expand his business and took a loan only to start a wholesale fruit stall in his village. This went on for several years as he was able to meet his daily expenditures.

He then expanded his trade to the nearby cities which got him incredible traction and he earned quite a lot of business across the country. This is just the beginning, as he went on to sell his fruits across the World. He is currently trading in countries like Bangladesh, Ukraine, Dubai and Brazil besides India.

With an intention to grow more in his business, he opened a factory which manufactures crates for storing fruits and also acquired four air conditioned trucks in order to transport the fruits. Surinder made sure the fruits are properly stored in the trucks with the help of latest technology. 
His attention to tiny details and always keeping up the quality of the fruits is what had taken him to the reputed status he now enjoys.

Presently, he is getting crores of rupees as turnovers from this business and as many as 400 employees are working in his company. 

Surinder Singh will definitely stand as an inspiration to millions of youth who are willing to take up a new business venture.


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