I honestly don’t feel like I should have anything more than a basic survival. But, it is quite hard to believe I am worth of better dreams and the best goals which I deserve for. What always runs in my mind is a question that basic survival is enough or should we spread our arms towards growing to be the best.

This reminds me of my father and his good old memories. As always, we often do exchange our views, our thoughts and share our experiences of our lives. And what remained in my memory is that one particular story he opened up recently.

Born in a small village in the Eastern part of our country, my father only had the basic amenities which are really required for one’s minimal survival. At a very young age of 16 years, he hardly had anything to fear about as he had none to lose for. His adamant way of living is what made him stood apart from the crowd. No work was small or big for him, it was just a passion and a way of living.

Eventually, he did it, after working for long hours in a day, for about 15 years, he now stands among the crowd who can afford a car, a house and a respectable living for himself and his family. Now still standing in this crowd, he manages to count a single penny and keeps a track of it. This is how he grew up and this is how he tried to survive.

On the contrary, it is me, just a single generation down with all the basic amenities as well as all the luxuries around. My day started with dropping by my school in a luxury car. Then my abroad university graduation would explain my cost of living very well. My expensive clothing too describes me well. This doesn’t mean I’m not fighting. Mine is a very different battle. I am indeed struggling to find growth.

I almost stay awake for many nights just to find out the path of growth. That one particular thing hovers in my mind and probably for many years as of now it had been in my memory still. It is just a mere passion to jump to the next higher level. Basically, it is just one interest which can rule my entire life and probably that is what we call “Growth.”

But unlike what my dad had started with nothing in his pocket, I started my journey with the basic needs called as comfort. Then what is that I am scared about? It is probably the fear of falling down after reaching the highest level. No matter what generation we belong to, we have inherited all qualities of fighting for what we needed to succeed to the next higher level. This makes us feel humans and this is what keeps us alive.


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