T-Hub, the Hyderabad based startup facilitator, launched Blockchain Hyper Hub in collaboration with CASHe. CASHe is an app only lending company which provides immediate short term loans to professionals with an entrepreneurial drive. Blockchain Hyper Hub works to create powered solutions for blockchain startups and will work on grooming and developing talents required for the same.

Mumbai based startup, CASHe, was founded in the year 2016 and is an app only lending company. In April this year, the startup raised about $ 3.8 million (Rs. 25 crores) in Series A funding round led by Mathew Cyriac, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone Group.

Backed by the Telangana Government, T-Hub is a startup accelerator and incubator. T-Hub has ties with several organizations like YES Bank, Uber, TiE Silicon Valley, ICRISAT, UTC and CASHe. The Hyper Hub will focus on the financial technology sector. This will include peer to peer lending, blockchain enabled startups, robo advisory startups and startups using artificial intelligence (AI.)

Both CASHe and T-Hub are extremely excited about this new enterprise. Jay Krishnan, the CEO of T-Hub said, “Blockchain technology will lead to disruption across many industries including banking, entertainment, e-governance and land records making the processes more transparent and streamlined. Firms which incorporate blockchain will move away from the traditional hub and spoke model with no central authority governing them. This is a major transition and many businesses worldwide are exploring multiple use cases using this technology. With the launch of Blockchain Hyper Hub at T-Hub, we intend to create the right ecosystem to explore this nascent emerging technology.”

CASHe works with young entrepreneurs, giving them a platform to grow and excel. By partnering with T-Hub, CASHe aims at creating a world where young thinkers are motivated to push their boundaries, giving them a thinking and creative edge. This initiative is in line with the Modi Government’s agenda to make India a startup friendly country!

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