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Uber: Unknown Facts About The Ride Sharing App




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Uber, the ride sharing app that lets you book a cab with just the tap of a button, had a very humble beginning.  Founded by a college dropout, Travis Kalanick, who dreamed of making it big in the world, the app now has a presence in 195 countries!  While there are a lot of things one knows about this startup, there is still a lot to discover. Check out these lesser known facts about Uber here!

1. An iPhone for every driver

In an attempt to unify the drivers with one type of device, the company equipped all its drivers with an iPhone.  Through this phone, the drivers can track and contact users who have booked a ride. However, the phone is locked for personal use and is made available only for people employed by Uber!

2. Uber had a different name when it started

Did you know  when Travis first brought Uber to the public, it had a different name?  Uber was initially called Ubercab. However, the company was issued with a cease and desist order as Travis was operating the company that offered a cab service, without having the required license to do so.  Incidentally, this name change proved to be a blessing in disguise, propelling Uber into a massive superpower!

3. Uber used its equity for its URL

Uber’s unique trademark URL,, wasn’t achieved the normal way.  Travis and his team had to trade Uber’s equity to get control of this website and boy, did it work in their favour!  This move came to be after the cease and desist order against Ubercab. However, over the course of time, Travis eventually bought back the 2 % stake for a whopping $ 1 million!

4. Uber cabs can’t be more than 10 years old

Every cab used by Uber drivers has to be no less than 10 years old.  Every car gets upgraded the moment it reaches that ten year mark, making sure all the cabs are in perfect condition when on the road.  Furthermore, all the cars used by Uber are required to have four doors and no less!

5. Uber has four types of drivers

Uber hires and classifies its drivers according to their experience.  Currently, there are four types of drivers on Uber’s roster: Pros, Enthusiasts, Crossovers and Part Time.  In some cases, when inspections of other cabs are carried, the drivers on the top of the chain are the ones who carry out these surveys and checks.

6. Tips are not a part of the bill

Riders are not allowed to tip the drivers.  In fact, as of 2016, drivers were not allowed to say the word “tip” while talking to a customer!  According to the hiring policy, Uber drivers keep 80 % of the money they make while only 20 % goes back to the company.  This ensures equal pay between both the drivers and the parent company, leaving no room for the requirement of tips.

7. Uber drivers are forced to take selfies

While facial recognition software is often used to confirm a driver’s identity, some Uber drivers are forced to take selfies.  Using a tool called Real Time ID check, the cab service Company forces some of its drivers to take a selfie as proof of their identity.  Did you know certain drivers are rejected because of how they look in their pictures alone? Talk about bad lighting!

If you think we missed out on any other facts about Uber, comment and let us know!

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Ex Facebook Employee Reveals How He Made $ 1 Million In A Year




Ex Facebook Employee,How He Made $1 Million In A Year,Startup Stories,Patrick Shyu software engineer at Facebook,Ex Facebook Employee Patrick Shyu,Ex Facebook Employee Reveals Insider Secrets

Patrick Shyu, a YouTuber who previously worked as a tech lead at Google and software engineer at Facebook, uploaded a video discussing his income after leaving the giant companies.

Shyu, whose channel TechLead has more than 500,000 subscribers, said in the video while others prance around in their business suits, driving Jaguars and acting self important, he made a million just by sitting in his toolshed, sipping coffee.

Shyu was able to generate such a huge amount from two primary sources—YouTube, which Shyu considers his main job and Facebook, which is his “side hustle gig.”  By making YouTube videos, Shyu made over $ 240,000 from ad revenues over a period of 12 months and another $ 260,000 from affiliate sponsorships. While at Facebook, Shyu made a total of $ 500,000 from base pay, bonus and equity, before getting fired.  After adding both the incomes, the total comes to a million dollars a year, Shyu explained in the video.

Even though making a million may sound easy, Patrick Shyu discussed how difficult it is in reality.  Shyu had to work 80 hours a week continuously. This included working from 8 A.M., to midnight every day, including Sundays.  While Shyu urged people not to follow his footsteps, he did acknowledge how beneficial it is to have a second job to boost one’s income.

Patrick Shyu admitted he was able to make more money as a YouTuber than he did working at Google and Facebook.  However, there is a downside to earning such a large amount as one does not have enough time to enjoy the money they are earning.  In Patrick Shyu’s words, he had to sacrifice gaming, movies and spending time with family in order to earn the million dollars. 


Earlier, Patrick came into the limelight when he uploaded a video titled Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.  In the video, Shyu explained the reason behind him getting fired from Facebook was his YouTube channel.  He further explained the Human Resources at Facebook did not like his YouTube channel, resulting in him being fired.  In the same video, Shyu also ridiculed the work culture at the Company.


Even with the disadvantage, Shyu put more emphasis on how important establishing a business is.  He concluded the video with the statement that there is always a fear of being replaced when working under someone.  However, working on your own business gives you the freedom of generating as much revenue as you want on your own conditions.

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20 Inspiring Quotes By Young Entrepreneurs




20 Inspiring Quotes By Young Entrepreneurs,Startup Stories,Best Inspiring Quotes 2019,20 Inspiring Quotes, Young Entrepreneur Motivation Quotes,Young Entrepreneurs Inspiring Quotes, Entrepreneurs Quotes 2019,Top 20 Inspiring Quotes

There is no specific age to become an entrepreneur.  Many successful entrepreneurs started out young and through their hard work and creativity, were able to build a business empire.  Here is a list of inspiring quotes by people who started really young yet became successful beyond their imagination.

Inspiring quotes by young entrepreneurs

1. Victoria Ransom

2. Larry Page

3. Adam Neumann

4. Ben Weissenstein

5. Biz Stone

6. Joanne Malone

7. Jess Lee

8. Sarah Blakely

9. Michelle Zatlyn

10. Jessica Herrin

11. Drew Houston

12. Tony Hisch

13. Pete Lau

14. Deepinder Goyal

15. Jordan Fleigel

16. Michelle Phan

17. Mark Zuckerberg

18. Michael Dunlop

19. Jacob Cass

20. Jack Nickell


We hope these quotes by young entrepreneurs inspired you in some way.  Comment below and let us know which of these quotes is your favourite.

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Lessons To Learn From Joanne Malone




Lessons To Learn From Joanne Malone,Startup Stories,Life Lessons From Joanne Malone,Joanne Malone Lessons,Joanne Malone Success Story,2019 Motivational Stories, Joanne Malone Leadership Lessons, Joanne Malone Motivational Lessons,famous luxury brand Jo Malone London,Joanne Malone Entrepreneurial Journey

Joanne Lesley Malone is a British entrepreneur and perfumer who founded the famous luxury brand Jo Malone London.  Malone’s entrepreneurial journey is one of the most inspiring ones. She launched her own company at the age of 20 and worked hard to make it a success.  Respected by many, Joanne Malone’s success story is filled with many valuable lessons. Here are some important lessons one can learn from Joanne Malone.

Lessons to learn from Joanne Malone

1) School education doesn’t determine your success

Despite being a successful businessman and a millionaire, Joanne Malone lacks any kind of educational qualification.  During her childhood, Joanne Malone suffered from severe dyslexia and faced many difficulties in school. Her teachers, instead of helping her, would describe her as lazy or stupid.  This prompted her to leave school without completing her education. Even without any qualification, she went on to create Jo Malone, which became a renowned and successful luxury brand.

2) Never settle for anything less than perfect

Joanne Malone named Madame (Countess) Lubatti, a famous skincare specialist in London, as her mentor and shared one of the greatest life lessons she learnt from Madame Lubatti.  Lubatti told Jo Malone to never settle for anything less than perfect. Malone followed this lesson throughout her life. She revealed to create the perfect fragrance for her brand, she creates 100 prototypes first. 

3) Creativity never fails

Even though she doesn’t have an educational qualification, Joanne Malone became a successful entrepreneur.  According to Joanne Malone, her success is all thanks to her creativity. Malone also defines her creativity as her career’s best friend and believes an investment made on creativity will never fail you.  Malone describes creativity as something which adds color to one’s life.

4) Never be afraid to start over

At the peak of her career, Joanne Malone was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This diagnosis led Malone to sell her Company to Estée Lauder.  She remained the creative director of the Company, but left in 2006, a decision she later regretted.  Malone was not allowed to create any new fragrance line of her own for the next 5 years. This did not stop Malone and she went on to launch a new fragrance brand called Jo Loves. 


Joanne Malone is a perfect example of how, through creativity and hard work, one can achieve great success.  She is considered an inspiration by many women who dream of launching their own company one day.


Which of these lessons from Joanne Malone’s life did you find inspiring?  Comment below and let us know.


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