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The Year 2017 Through The Eyes Of Elon Musk

Smruthi Kishore



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The year 2017 was an eventful one for technology, creation and entrepreneurship. While creators broke the world with their innovative ideas and innovations, one inventor had an immensely successful year. The last year can easily be termed as the year of Elon Musk. Love him or hate him, you cannot help but be amazed by the number of stupendous things achieved by this genius.

From SpaceX to the Boring Company to Tesla and Neuralink, Elon Musk has revolutionised the way we think about and approach the very concept of space travel, transportation and the way we work. With just a month into the New Year, it seems only fair to take a moment to look at the great things Elon Musk has done in the last year!

1. January 4 

Four days into 2017, Elon Musk announced that he had begun the mass production of batteries at its Gigacenter. The lithium ion cells are for use in its Powerpack and Powerwall home batteries.

2. January 23 

Musk meets President Trump at the White House along with Michael Dell and the Under Armour founder, Kevin Plank. This signalled the beginning of a very important discussion that started off a massive economic relationship between the American President and Elon Musk. Also, a lot of serious discussions began on testing Hyperloop, for the advanced transportation of technology.

3. February 1 

Months after Musk’s company voted to buy SolarCity, the company officially announced its decision to change the name from Tesla Motors to just Tesla, signalling the fact that the company is going to focus on cars.

4. February 27

Musk announces that SpaceX plans to fly two private citizens around the moon sometime in 2018. NASA also collaborated this information by saying that with this relationship, it would signal the beginning of a union between government based and private aerospace organisations.

5. April 4 

Tesla’s market capital rises to over 300, making it the most valuable company. With this, Tesla even surged past GM and Ford!

6. April 10 

Through Tesla, Musk created a brand new set of solar panels that weigh considerably lesser than the already existing ones. Also, the mounting for these panels wasn’t visible to the naked eye.

7. April 21 

Neuralink took the world by storm as it brought to the forefront the concept of brain computer interfaces. Musk’s work towards this “cyborg” goal became actualized this year


7. April 28

Musk officially launches the Boring Company and presents the possibilities of using the tunnels in conjunction with another one of his transportation ideas, the high-speed hyperloop rail.

8. May 3

Tesla delivered a record number of 25,o00 cars and displayed a total revenue of $ 2.7 billion, a first for the company since its partnership with SolarCity. Incidentally, this was also double the amount of revenue recorded by Tesla from the last year till now.

9. June 1 

Musk pulls out of Trump’s advisory council after Trump pulls out of the Paris Accord, a pact which includes every country in the world and works towards reducing the impact of climate change.

10. June 28 

Musk announces that he has started digging a tunnel under Los Angles using the boring machine created by the Boring Company. This was completed in October!

11. July 9 

The first 3 models of Tesla rolls off!

12. August 4

Contrary to the initial plan set by Musk himself in 2013, he starts construction work on the hyperloop himself!

13. September 29

Musk announces his intention to launch not one, but two spacecrafts on Mars using SpaceX rockets!

14. October 24

Tesla jumps in to save Peurto Rico and other Caribbean islands after Hurricane Maria by sending in Powerpanks and Solar Panels to the islands as well as by discussing plans to restore its grid.

15. November 16

Through Tesla, Musk announces Semi, a battery powered tractor trailer that can travel 500 miles on a single charge. The production for this tractor will begin in 2019!

Clearly the past year has been quite an exciting and interesting one for Elon Musk and we can only wait and watch to see what this brilliant revolutionalist will come up with for this year!

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Facebook Facts That’ll Flip You Out!

Startup Admin



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Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook as a means of connecting people to one another via the Internet. While Facebook is perhaps one of the most pioneering sites of social media, there are a lot of hidden facts about one of the largest online platforms. Today, we bring you ten things you probably did not know about this platform!

1. No blocking. 

You can block literally anyone except for the Mark Zuckerberg. Why would you want to, anyway?

2. Talk like a pirate

Have you ever wanted to talk like a Pirate but did not know how? Then worry not because Facebook gives you the option of changing your language to Pirate! A win here for sure!

3. No privacy! 

Facebook has access to all your online browsing. Yes. Even after you sign out! Next time you check in somewhere, think twice. Because, Big Brother is watching!

4. The first face

Zuckerberg has a quirky side to him. How do we know? The first face of Facebook was Al Pacino! It was placed on the top left side of the screen!

5. Like the Awesome

The word “like” was thought to be subtle for Facebook and the team wanted to initially call the like button the “awesome” button. What do you prefer? To be awesome or to be liked?

6. Not just a random colour 

Did you know Facebook is blue in colour because Mark Zuckerberg is primarily colour blind? He can’t see the colours red and green. The next best option? Red + Green = Blue!

7. Oh China! 

China doesn’t believe in International social media. The country has blocked Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for almost a decade now. In fact, since the year 2009.

8. The mother of all divorces 

According to reports, a third of all divorce filings in the year 2011 in the United States listed Facebook as a cause.

9. A slap for the internet 

A blogger was so sick of Facebook, he hired a woman to slap him every time he got on Facebook. Now that is perseverance in its true form!

10. Death. Oh death. 

To make things morbid, Facebook has around 30,000 million profiles of people who have passed away. Talk about morbid.

Facebook is clearly more than just being your average social media platform, with its fair share of the dark side and the good side. Let us know if you think there are other strange facts we missed here!

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Life Lessons To Be Learnt From Indra Nooyi

Smruthi Kishore



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Apart from being a wife and a mother, Indra Nooyi is first and foremost known as the CEO of one of the largest companies, PepsiCo. Here are a few great life lessons to learn from the woman who dared to dream.

1. Everyone needs a vision 

When Nooyi became the CEO of Pepsi, she didn’t start off with the idea of changing the face of the company. She started off with a bigger vision for the company and then built towards achieving the goal. This is why it is important to have a vision first and then plan the process out.

2. Listen carefully 

According to Indra Nooyi, listening is perhaps the most important thing. There are always people with ideas for how we can do things differently – ideas we may not want to hear. This is where listening plays a huge role in your life. The next big idea could just be the result of listening, who knows!

3. Ensure that culture isn’t affected  

Where you come from is your defining factor. Even if you move from place to place, ensure your culture remains the same wherever you are.

4. Be a student for life 

Keep learning all your life. The world is always evolving and there is no limit to the information you learn. Let the student in your life always be alive and your life will have new meaning.

5. People are everything 

Growing up, Indra would always see people come to her mother and appreciate her for the good job she had done in raising Indra. These things always had a huge impact on her and she realised the relationships you build growing up have a strong impact in your life.

While not everything comes with just dreaming, these life lessons from Indra Nooyi really help getting things into perspective, making life a memorable experience.

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The Flipkart Success Story

Smruthi Kishore



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Flipkart is perhaps India’s largest home grown e commerce platform today and it has quite a success story to its name. Founded in the year 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, this platform was founded with a meagre Rs. 6,500 as a startup fund.

Both were Amazon techies working at creating the next big thing. Little did they know that the idea was just around the corner. Bored with their mundane jobs, Sachin and Binny wanted to create a search engine dedicated to e commerce websites. However, they soon realised that there were very few websites of this kind and this when they came up with something like Flipkart.

They left their jobs in the hopes of shaping the future of e commerce in India at a time when this field was steadily growing. Both of them loved books and founded Flipkart as a platform that catered to book lovers. Want anything, Flipkart made it available. In fact, that is what Flipkart means: Flipping things into the cart. A couple of months into the business, they realised they had a larger target audience to tap.

In the first few years of its existence, Flipkart raised funds through venture capital funding. As the company grew in stature, more funding arrived. Flipkart repaid the investors’ faith with terrific performances year after year. In the financial year 2008-09, Flipkart had made sales to the tune of Rs. 40 million. This soon increased to Rs. 200 million in the following year.

When Flipkart launched, e commerce websites faced one major problem, that of online payment gateways. Back then, not many people trusted paying on the internet. Flipkart tackled this problem by introducing cash on delivery and payment by card on delivery in addition to others. Flipkart was the first to implement the ‘Cash On Delivery’ facility, which every online shopping website in India offers as an option today.

Over the years, as faith was established in Flipkart’s business and easy delivery processes, the acquisitions became higher and the rewards became larger. With Sachin Singh as the Chairman of the company and Binny Singh as the CEO, Flipkart stands as the largest online e commerce platform in the country. Walmart is in talks to invest in this online platform and once the investment goes through, Flipkart and Amazon will stand neck to neck. What started off as only a platform for books has now become a platform for pretty much anything from technology to stationary!

Flipkart managed to open the doors to an e commerce friendly India and this was only possible because of the founders who created and not just thought. A true success story like this doesn’t come too often and when it does, it makes sense to stand up and notice.

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