By the time you implement your amazing Startup idea, you realize that there already exist a handful of people in the Startup bucket swimming across with their new innovation ideas.

Yes, the young entrepreneurs must be quick to implement what is there in the minds. Well, this is impossible without technology gimmicks. There are millions of technologies which make the life of a startup go smoother.

Here we make a compiled list of such technologies that Startups are using to change the world.


  • This stands for JavaScript Object Notification. This is a lightweight data interchange format which is easy for humans to read and write. JSON is a text format that is completely language independent but uses conventions familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages.
  • JSON is useful for exchanging and retrieving data that needs to be manipulated or mashed up.
  • Previously, people have been using XML for interchanging data but this is accompanied with some bumps. However, JSON seamlessly communicates with each other.

2) Ruby On Rails


  • Preferably called as RoR, is a server-side web application framework that provides default structures for a database, a web service, and a web page. On the whole, this helps to build a modern web application.
  • Many applications like GitHub, BaseCamp, Airbnb, Twitch and SoundCloud had been built with the help of this framework.
  • RoR is an open source software which is free to use and make best out of it.
  • Powerful web applications which were built in a span of more than 20 days can be made in a single day with RoR.
    Famous web applications like Twitter and Groupon are also using it.

3) NoSQL


  • This technology can be used to store an enormous amount of data. NoSQL can be used to store as well as retrieve the stored data efficiently with the bulk of processing done at the interface layer.
  • CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra are a few popular NoSQL databases.
  • One can store and retrieve large amount without affecting the performance.
  • Social media giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo have been using this.

4) Django

  • This is a complete high level web framework that encourages clean and rapid design. It ensures a hassle free web development so that you can be focused on your app. It’s free and an open source. It is ridiculously fast, reassuringly secure and exceedingly scalable.
  • Just like RoR, you can make web applications in Django.
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, and EventBrite have been using Django for its web development process.

5) Cloud Computing

  • May be you all are aware of cloud computing. It is an internet based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data.
  • Cloud Computing provides users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in either privately owned or third party data centers.
  • Cloud Computing enables the organizations to focus on their business instead of spending valuable time and money on computer infrastructure.
    Pinterest, Airbnb, Quora and NASA have been using it.

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