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5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Suits!



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As an entrepreneur you have to go through loads of hurdles, challenges and even failures. The famous series created by Aaron Korsh is known as one of the most educated programs on television. Suits is based on the perception of lawyers worldwide. It depicts a group of lawyers who have a billionaire businessman, as a client, who does exceptionally unique things for his firm Pearson Specter Litt. For many people Suits’ lawyer Harvey Specter is the definition of success. He is witty, successful and he is apparently the best man in town. Don’t believe us? Go watch the series you’ll know what we are speaking about. There’s even a book on how to be successful like him.  Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. But if you are ready to turn your idea into a reality, entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that will forever change your life.

We bring you five striking lessons one can learn from the famous drama series Suits.

1. Never break the rules!

Rules are to be followed. As an entrepreneur, you are still learning. So, in the early stage, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind. As the series revolves around lawyers and their whereabouts, Suits emphasizes the importance of laws and rules. First things first, you need to make the usage policy transparent, pay your taxes, because you are never into existence until you are legally there. Do not opt for illegal stuff in the beginning as it could even put your name at stake.

2. Plan big, win big!

Make a plan. Implement. Proceed.

Do not let go of your ideas easily, believe in them. If you are introducing an innovation to the market, go ahead with your idea with all the needful stuff and win it. You do not have to turn away from your ideas instead, plan and proceed. Do it the Harvey Specter way! Believe and make things happen. Be smart enough to know what, when, where, why and how things are happening. Make a plan and stick to it. 

3. Win your battles before they’ve even been fought!

Know your rivals and stay one step ahead, always!

Your battle is with your competitor so keep in mind and keep a track of their plans. Being prepared for the battle from the legal point of view will not only give you the edge but adds value to your firm. Don’t think of your competitor as an obstacle, think of them as an educational tool. To beat them, you have to learn from them. Every episode of Suits has a situation where the leads are fighting hard to overcome. Learn from these plots on how to handle the battles in an effective way even before you are being fought. 

4. Running away from your problems is a race you’ll never win!

As a beginner, things get difficult but you should stand your ground. Just like Mike Ross from the series who goes through a lot of hurdles at the beginning of his career but digs a way out of it, every single time. Use your brains and embrace the mess in which you are. When you come across a problem, try figuring out and look for solutions instead of bragging. Bragging is for the dim witted lads. Take it as an opportunity, do not run from your problems, face it. Win it.

There’s a famous scene where Harvey speaks about the choices when someone puts a gun to your head. He says you take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of the hundred and forty six other things.

Harvey’s focus is on the solution and not the problem.

5. Don’t be afraid of losing!

Experience is the best teacher. You can always learn something from it. According to Harvey Specter, you’re never going to win big if you’re going to minimise your losses. It is important to lose sometimes and it is even more important to learn from it. Next time when you are afraid of something ask yourself one thing what would Harvey Specter do?

You can learn from this tv series because learning can happen from anything and at any time! So, suit up and go ahead with whatever ideas you have to become an entrepreneur!

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Edutech Startups Which Are Changing The Education World



Edutech Startups,Education World,Startup Stories,2019 Best Motivational Stories,Edtech Startups in World,Education Startups in India 2019,List of Edutech Startups,Biggest EdTech Startups,7 Best Edtech Startups,Top Indian Edtech Startups 2019,Education Tech Startups

Tech startups are the talk of the town today, with a major hand in fields ranging from medicine, to gaming, to healthcare and to education. In the last few years, the edutech area is shaping up to be quite exciting, with new edutech startups booming every few months. Here’s our list of edutech startups which are quite literally changing the education game!

1. Nerdify

Picture credits:

At its core, Nerdify is basically like your personal assistant which helps college students. Designed to help college students answer any questions they have or order books they had difficulty finding, Nerdify is easy to use. With either a text or a message on the Facebook page, personal assistants, called Nerds, help students with whatever they want. Extremely easy to use and simple to download, the app helps make life easier for college students.

2. Byju’s

Picture credits:

Founded in the year 2015 by Byju Raveendran, Byju’s as an app primarily focuses on children belonging to the primary and secondary fields. By creating interactive studying sessions, the app helps simplify the study material for children going through the toughest years of their schooling life. With more than 3 lakh monthly subscribers, the app has not only helped change the way children learn, but has instilled the love of learning in children.

3. Newsela

Picture credits:

Unlike the previous years, it has become imperative for students to not just indulge in rote learning, but also understand, analyse and comprehend what they read. Newsela has been created with exactly this formula in mind. With carefully curated articles on different topics, this app helps students go beyond the basic text. Through grade appropriate content, students can study the material and be assessed on what they have learnt!

4. Edukart

Picture credits:

Edukart is changing the education game one day at a time. By helping both students and professionals, the app offers a wide range of services ranging from more than 2,000 plus courses in degree, diploma, certificate, entrance coaching and K12 categories. Founded in 2011, this app has been making great waves in the Indian education system!

5. Remind

Picture credits:

With the education game growing stronger every day, the days of sticking notes and reminders inside backpacks is now a thing of the past. Designed to improve communication and make conversations between students, teachers and parents easier, Remind works because it is smooth, easy to use and works on a real time basis. Without asking either parties for their numbers, the app lets you send messages on the app to remind people about things they have forgotten. From reminding people about assignments, to reminding parents about parent teacher meetings and visits, this app is quite literally a life saver!

6. Class Dojo

Picture review:

In today’s day and age, maintaining classroom culture is extremely important. The Class Dojo app helps maintain seamless communication between the students, teachers and the parents. Designed to make conversations easy, Class Dojo is changing the way the education system works.

7. Peer Grade

Picture credits:

While it is important for one to get assessed by those older than you, getting feedback from the people who are your age is equally important. Peer Grade does exactly this. The teachers give the assignments, the students complete and upload it and the teacher assigns other students to grade the projects. Not only does this app help the students understand how their peers are doing, it also helps the instructors get better by looking at the way the students go through the course material.

With so many apps doing so well, it comes as no surprise that the education field is doing better every day! If you think we missed out on any other apps like these, comment and let us know!

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Different Types Of Chatbots And How To Use Them



Different Types Of Chatbots And How To Use Them,Startup Stories,3 types of business chatbots you can build,What are the different types of chatbots?,Types of Chatbots and How They Help Businesses,The Complete Guide to Chatbots in 2018

If you were under the impression that there is only one kind of chatbot, then think again. Although the basic forms of chatbots are the ones used the most frequently, there are different types used for different scenarios. Chatbots use chat mediums and come in a series of types, each designed to benefit your business in the best possible way. If you are looking at the different types of chatbots best suited for your brand, then here’s our most preferred list!

1. NLP based chatbots 

Picture credits:

At its very core, chatbots show how artificial intelligence works. NLP chatbots go a step further from the generic chatbots in the sense that they use a combination of AI technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP.) By using a combination of these two forms, this type of chatbot identifies the intent of the use, classifies the messages and then gives answers depending on the language of the texts. In short, NLP chatbots help in creating a uniform communication between your brand and the customer.

2. Menu based chatbots 

Picture credits:

Similar to the automated menus on phones, these chatbots increase interaction and ensure that when you are looking for the answer, you dig deeper than you normally do. While they may be among the slower form of the chatbots, they help in answering 80% of the questions people usually ask. From helping you answer the basic form of questions to giving you the option of finding the right answers, these type of chatbots help in finding the exact answer for your question.

3. Keyword based chatbots 

Picture credits:

Unlike NLP and Menu based chatbots, Keyword based chatbots are extremely user friendly. By using a combination of customizable keywords and AI technology, these chatbots help determine the response which is best suited for the user. Faster and quicker to use than most chatbots, Keyword based chatbots also help in answering questions that basic chatbots don’t have the ability to.

4. Service/Action chatbots 

Picture credits: chatsbotmagazinecom

The best way to describe service/action chatbots is by looking at how they work. By asking and collating data from the user asking the questions, these chatbots answer questions based on what people ask. These type of chatbots are best used by companies in the airline and clothing industry. Compared to the other type of chatbots, the service chatbots are tailor made to answer the users to the best of its abilities.

5. Context based chatbots 

Picture credits:

Of all the chatbots mentioned in the list, Context based chatbots are the most advanced. By using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, these chatbots not only have meaningful conversations with users, they also remember previous conversations. For example, if you are trying to order pizza from a place you frequent, the chatbot remembers your address and also remembers the last order you made on the app. Using data and user based information is one of the biggest advantages of context based chatbots, giving users a complete experience of how the app works.

Chatbots are designed to improve the user’s experience with the app and help in making your experience with the store that much easier. If you think we missed out on any other chatbots like these, comment and let us know!

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Startup Hacks

Apps To Help You Keep Track Of Your Tasks



Apps To Help You Keep Track Of Your Tasks,Apps Organise Your Tasks,Startup Stories,Startup News India,Best Apps to Track Your Tasks,Time Management Apps 2019,Best To-Do List Apps for Task,7 Time Tracking Apps,Apps To Track for Task Management,Top 10 Apps For Tasks,Todoist,Smarter Time,ToodleDo,To Do List,Wunderlist

There are apps that help you organise your life and then there are apps which make you organise your tasks so you never forget. We live in a world where technology is taking over our lives and with every new app, there are slim to no chances of you forgetting any of your tasks.  Here is our list of apps that help to not only act as app organisers, but as alarm clocks as well!

1. Todoist

Picture credits:

Despite being around for a while now, Todoist has picked up popularity only in the last couple of years. From organising your tasks by colour coding them and helping you segregate the tasks in order of importance, Todoist is the app you need!  Furthermore, with the feature of adding due dates to your tasks, this app gives you reminders on how long you have to finish your task. While it comes as a free service for the basic version, you can buy the app for $ 29 (a year’s subscription) if you want to use the premium version.

2. Smarter Time

Picture credits:

In order to keep a track of what tasks you have, you need to know on what you spend your time the most. Smarter Time helps in keeping a track of your activities  throughout the day. From organising your tasks for the day and filling in all the gaps on your task list, Smarter Time works on a regular basis. By analysing your day to day tasks and by looking at your regular day to day behaviour, this app helps in streamlining your processes. Also, if you want to streamline your day to day activities and balance your tasks, Smarter Time tells you how to change your schedule.


Picture credits:

An extremely user friendly tool, ToodleDo helps organise and take care of all your tasks in one place. To make your life easier, the app lets you add sub tasks, additional notes, ratings on tasks, reminders and due dates for the  functions you need to finish on priority. Not just created for handling tasks and making your note taking job easier, ToodleDo helps in tracking behaviours and understanding what works best, based on your daily routines. Get the app now to make your life hassle free and tension less!  

4. To Do List

Picture credits:

Designed with an appealing and easy to use interface, the To Do List app helps in organising and setting alarms for the tasks which need to be done on a priority basis. With giving you the option of controlling your tasks to giving you the option of setting voice reminders on your tasks, To Do List lets you sync all the data you need. Giving you the option of syncing your content with Google Tasks and manually setting reminders on the app, this app makes sure you never miss out on any of the important things on your list.

5. Wunderlist

Picture credits:

With a minimalistic and simple interface, the Wunderlist app helps in organising all your tasks with ease. However, don’t let the simple interface and design fool you. The more you discover the app, the more you see how much  it has to offer. From letting you collaborate with other app users, to letting you attach PDFs and PPTs, the app simplifies the way you organise your tasks. Named as the best app for organising your tasks by Apple and Forbes, Wunderlist is what you need to ease the organisation process!  

6. OmniFocus

Picture credits:

Designed for iOS platforms, OmniFocus is for those with a large number of tasks and projects going on at the same time. With specific colour codes for tasks which need immediate attention, to helping you keep a track of the different projects which have similar deadlines, the OmniFocus app is everything you need. Despite being priced at $ 79.99, the high price doesn’t act as a roadblock but acts in favour of the users!

7. Cortana

Picture credits:

While it is quite common for every phone to come up with its own helping tool, Cortana stands apart because of the kind of features it has. Particularly designed for those who work with Windows 10 or who have multiple side by side projects, Cortana can be used for taking notes, writing lists and for setting reminders. Enabled with AI, the app also helps you keep in touch with the latest news and major events of the world on a day to day basis.

If you keep forgetting to organise your tasks in a timely fashion and tend to miss deadlines regularly, then these apps are the ones you just need to get. If you think we missed out on any other apps like these, comment and let us know!


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