Social Media is a readily available platform for entrepreneurs to build a strong consumer base, spread the word about their products and gain a level of credibility. Therefore it is very important to have content that is engaging, interactive and informative. But it becomes a little difficult to always have interesting content.

Content can be pictures, status updates, articles and videos uploaded on any social media platform from Facebook to Reddit with the intention to reach as many number of people as possible. It includes personal, business related and promotional posts meant for the customer, stakeholders and potential consumers.

The easiest and maybe the most prominent type of content for social media are quotes by reputed and well known people from around the world. All forms of quotes, humorous, inspiring or motivational will gather a certain amount of interest from all the people. Quotes are something everyone either likes or shares and are generally appreciated. Posting relatable quotes is a good way to maintain constant activity on social media accounts.

Social media like Tumblr and Instagram were created with the sole purpose of posting pictures. Pictures do speak louder than words. Upload pictures of your products, happy customers, behind the scenes snapshots, the team, late work nights and events of the company. It makes the audience feel connected, allowing them to relate to the company on a personal level. New media also allows you to create funny content like boomerangs, slow motion or fast forwarded videos. Such videos will garner more interest as they are engaging, quick and funny in general.

According to a recent study, 201 million Indians uses Facebook monthly. The number of people that can be reached using just one social media platform is sky high if the platform is used correctly. Current and relevant information is much more interesting and engaging and it tends to reach a bigger audience. Educational content like breaking news, tips, opinion pieces can make good content for all social media accounts.

Quizzes and polls are time tested formulas to engage the audience. Riddles and general knowledge questions are easy methods to get higher reach and better engagements. Similarly, asking for people’s opinions for any new development through polls will not only spread the word about your company but will also allow you to get updated information about the customer’s needs. Question and answer sessions using the new ‘live’ feature available on a majority of social media platforms allows you to interact with your customers and audience directly, answer questions, launch products and in general involve your audience actively. 

Social Media may be the best way to promote and publicize your company and your product if used to the fullest of its potentials. There is no sure shot formula to use any social media forum perfectly. Try different methods, use new formulas and update your social media strategy but keep your content engaging and interactive.

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