Job hunting is a painful and long procedure. Interviews and the hiring processes can be difficult and sometimes small mistakes can lead to losing out on the perfect job. No matter how qualified you are or what rank you hold in your previous company, silly mistakes in resumes and interviews can hamper your chances of getting employed. While getting a job is important, it is equally important to get that perfect job that benefits you and the company as well.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to land the perfect job.

1. Research
When you get called for an interview be prepared with all the proper and relevant information. This includes conducting proper research on the company, the role you are applying for and the interviewers. A prepared candidate will seem to be more interested in the company and the job, whereas an unprepared candidate will seem irresponsible and aloof. Proper research will help you answer questions like “Why do you want to work with this company?” and “Why should we hire you?”

2. Resume
The most important element in any interview is your resume. It not only highlights your achievements but also your skills and strengthens. Tweak and edit your resume to perfectly suit the job and add a cover letter reiterating why you will be the perfect fit for the role. Keep your resume brief and highlight only the most important achievements and past work experiences. At the same time remember the information you have mentioned in the resume like the back of your hand to answer any and all possible questions you are asked. Keep your resume up to date with all your latest accomplishments and work experiences.

3. Don’t use the I, Me and Myself approach
While speaking about past experiences or even internships, never talk about the job as if it wholly rested on your shoulders. Let the interviewers know that any achievement was a term effort but also present what your role was in the project. For example, reply to any question regarding your work experience with statements like “My team and I were responsible for…” and follow it up with “In my team, I managed…” It shows that you are a team player but can work individually as well.

4. Be Punctual
Be on time or if possible be a couple of minutes early. If you are running late then call your interviewers and explain exactly why you’ll be late and when they can expect you. If you feel your previous commitments will take up more of your time then it is always better to reschedule the interview. Tardiness is not a good first impression and being “fashionably late” will only leave you “fashionable unemployed.”

5. Dress appropriately
While the millennials are a much more laid back group of employers, you should still dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. Polished shoes, clean pressed shirts and trousers will help to not only boost your confidence but will provide an impression of a serious hardworking person. Impress the interviewers not just with your intellect and knowledge but also with what you wear and how you conduct yourself. Understand what the company requires and present yourself accordingly. 

Landing the perfect job is not that hard if you’re prepared to go the extra mile to seem perfect to your potential employers. If you think we have missed out on certain essentials let us know in the comments section! 

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