Procrastination is avoidance of doing any task which is meant to be accomplished. In the other way, it is just doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones.
Procrastinators usually say “I will do it later” very often. They are likely to get distracted by checking social media or chatting with friends and much more to get distracted.
Procrastination kills productivity.
If you are one among such people, we have some interesting tips on how to overcome procrastination.

1) Update your to-do list

There might be too many tasks on your list which is causing you to procrastinate your work. Instead, adjust your to-do list and minimize your number of tasks to be completed in a day. This will surely free you from delaying your work.

2) Set a timer and plan your work

Set a timer to give an alarm after 25 minutes, accomplish your task in this time and reward yourselves the next 5 minutes.
You will tend to concentrate more on work when you know there is a break coming on your way.

3) Identify your procrastination source

If you know the root cause of a problem, then it will be easier for you to work on that. The same applies here. If you know your procrastination source, then you can work on it.
Check out if you are doing an unpleasant task or an overwhelming one. People procrastinate when the task is too overwhelming.
Even if you have poor decision-making skills, then you are likely to lag behind. Practice your decision-making skills.

4)Take Breaks – tiny and long ones

Tiny breaks are those 5-minute breaks after a mini task gets completed and a long breaks are those which is to be taken to reenergize your body and mind. These two breaks are essential in defeating procrastination.

5) Break big jobs into smaller tasks

Break bigger jobs to smaller ones first and start working on the task which is important as it requires more of your energy and presence of mind. Then you can accomplish the smaller tasks. The tiny ones like replying to emails can be done in your breaks too.

6) Keep a check on your health

Sometimes you never know why you feel sluggish all the time. So, do have a check on whether you get enough sleep and nourishing diet. Deficiency of vitamins in your body can also be the main culprit. Get well-balanced diet, sufficient sleep and do exercise to keep body and mind calm.

7) Reward Yourselves

At last after finishing your so called unpleasant task, start a habit of rewarding yourselves once you are done. This doesn’t mean that you have to give great gifts for yourselves, you can spend some alone time watching your favorite TV show or spend time on works which you love.
This will surely make you look forward to accomplishing more tasks.

So the next time you get tempted to delay some work, try following these useful tips to drive away your procrastination.




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