As you have seen many startups spend a lump sum amount on public relations company to promote their product. It’s a tad desperate but it is one kind of a way to make your product reach to the customers.

Interestingly, there is another way too. You can get paid for running your advertising campaign. All you need to do is to be a little creative.

For instance, here is how it can be done. Greg Moron, the co-founder of zoomcar shared a link of a funny campaign which they run on Indiegogo. Greg and his teammates are raising $1000 to pimp out an old ambassador car.
As you might already be knowing that zoomcar is the first company in India to focus on self-drive car rental which will allow you to book self-driving cars for a ride.

Watch the funny creative down in this space:

So, coming back to the video, this campaign video cleverly pimps zoom car in between for a few seconds. This campaign has already got mentions and been shared many times. Of course, you are reading this on Startup stories.”

Till date, they already raised $750 from 31 backers on Indiegogo. This is how a startup must bump on.

As we all belong to the same bucket, think well and create your own style of promoting your startup. And in case you land in the midst ofa publicity disaster, then better take advice from those who are already there.

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