Are you looking for ways to boost your engagement? Well, if your answer is yes, then live streaming is the best way to increase your engagement with your audiences.

Live streaming video is a great way to interact with your audiences in real time. Live streaming is not new. When the platform of streaming has evolved, it was something that fans craved for and of which they wanted to see more.

Here we share some reasons for why a startup should start using live streaming.

1) Use live streaming in your office

You can run a permanent live streaming camera in your office. The purpose behind this is that your staff can engage with your users whenever they have time. You can give your customers an insight of how your Startup business actually looks like.

2) Host interviews

This can be the easiest way to increase the engagement with your viewers. You can live stream interviews with experts in your field related to your Startup. A knowledgeable interviewee can come to your rescue. An interviewee who is an expert in your field can draw in thousands of viewers and thus increase your level of interactivity.

3) Live Streaming offers you “No Restriction” board

Unlike other types of interactions between the user and the viewer, live streaming can be as long as you want and as personal as you want. In case, you want to restrict the video, it is in your own control. It will also be worth your time.

4) You can use multiple tools during live streaming

There are many apps or tools where you can use to showcase your startup brand. Periscope, Meerkat, Ustream, Livestream are few to name. There are many options out there choose the best which suits you to live stream your video to give your best.

5) Better interaction with your customers

The marketing and branding method is interesting because you tend to have a direct relationship with your customers. This makes your interaction seamless and fun filled. Live streaming is a tool for a great brand like yours to show the great people behind them.
After you reach a particular success point, your customers will be keen to know behind the screen success story. Use this option of live streaming to show how you provide your services.

P.S: While live streaming please be mindful of the copyright issues and user privacy. When approaching individuals let them know that they are on live stream video. In case they object to being on live video, respect their decision.

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