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How To Write An Eye Catchy Email That Prospects Will Reply To



How To Write An Eye Catchy Email That Prospects Will Reply To

Are your sales emails getting ignored all the time? Well, this is the right article for you. You tend to have all the skills required to be successful, yet remained unnoticed. If this might be your case, then you are not alone.

On the contrary, think from the other side too. The one whom you expect to revert you back will be getting hundreds of emails which are just like yours. So, now it is your part to make your emails attractive and eye catchy and grab the attention at the other side.

Follow these simple secrets to draft sales emails that your prospects will actually open and read:

1) Concentrate more on the subject line and the first sentence

Most of them spend their whole lot of time focusing on the body of the message and at the last moment, you are surely going to mess up with the title. A catchy subject line is the first thing people notice in a mail.
And if you do not keep a subject line, there are chances of your mail getting deleted or been marked as spam.
On the other hand, avoid keeping subject lines with false information and also deceptive ones. We should not make the readers feel cheated at the end of the mail. So, keep a captivating yet sensible subject line as well as the first line.

2) Focus on the length of your email

The length of your email will be a deciding factor. For obvious reasons, there is no point in a single line email which conveys no message. On the contrary, lengthy messages can annoy the readers as it diverts the attention of the reader.
The content of your email should deliver exactly what you are trying to say and avoid unnecessary information which irks the readers. An effective email can have two decent paragraphs which completely describes what you actually wanted to convey. Sometimes, you can also use a different font and bold to highlight your important point.

3) Make your readers answer your questions

The ultimate goal of sending an email is to get a response from the reader. So engage your readers by asking some questions. Please be mindful not to ask questions like: “Let me know if you have any questions” or let me know if you would like to talk more.”
Instead ask questions like: “Do any of these issues appear true to you? ” or “What is the best address for me to send this to?”
The ultimate aim of asking questions is to continue the conversation.

4) Always use names in the email for a better response

It might sound quite weird calling your prospect with their names but it always helps if you address your client with their names. If not, he or she may not respond to your mail feeling lack of proper acknowledgment.
It is a psychological touch. People usually love it when they are been addressed by their names. Just go the other way round. If possible recall how many times you have deleted emails which had ‘Dear client’ or ‘Dear customer’

5) Finish your mail with a sleek ending note

Always end your email in style. This ending note is that which has a strong impact in your client’s mind. So try to finish your mail with a short and crisp message in a way that it sums up the entire purpose of sending the email.

Keep these five points before you draft an email. If you have some other points, do share with us in the comments section below.

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Business



5 Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Business,Startup Stories,Startup Stories India,2018 Latest Business News,Top Five Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Business,5 Things Should Avoid For Successful Business,Five Mistakes Your Businesses Should Avoid,5 Biggest Mistakes Should Avoid For Your Business

To succeed, you need to have an in depth knowledge of what to do as well as what not to do. With startups, especially, the margin of error is very limited. Today, we talk about five things you should not do to make sure you’re a successful business!

1. Retargeting Every Visitor 

No matter how great your product is, retargeting every customer to your product page is not an effective marketing strategy. More often than not, this irks customers as it destroys the exclusivity factor. Segment your bounced visitors into different groups by how many pages they’ve viewed, how much time they’ve spent, whether they’ve visited a particular product category etc. and retarget accordingly.

2. A Disastrous Social Media Strategy 

Social media only works if you have a clear plan in mind with a long term plan clearly chalked out. If your plan doesn’t reach the right target audience, then there really isn’t any point in the campaign.

3. There Is Always Competition 

Do not ever think you don’t have competitors. While there may not be an idea that is exactly the same as yours, there are plenty out there that are very similar to yours.  Sometimes your competition isn’t a person or a company but rather a “thing. So keep a really close tab on the people around you and make sure you are always one step ahead of the game.

4. Assuming Your Customers Are Always Loyal 

No customer is always loyal to the product. There is always something better and cheaper out there. To ensure a loyal customer base, create a connect with the regulars and don’t over burden the semi frequent visitors. Play the game the right way and the customers will always stay!

5. Thinking You Have To Do Everything On Your Own

Even if you are just one person who is in charge of everything, you need to keep in mind that you do not have to do everything on your own. Ask for help, ask for ideas. The more you ask, the more you learn and the more you grow!


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Tips On How To Diversify Your Business



Tips on How To Diversify Your Business,Startup Stories,Startup Stories India,2018 Business News Update,How To Diversify Your Business,Best Five Tips to Diversify Your Business,Diversify Your Business Tips,5 Effective Ways to Diversify Your Business,5 Steps to Diversify Your Small Business,5 Best Tips To Expand Your Business

“Don’t lay all your eggs in one basket.” The saying is as true as the number of years it has been famous for. It is in fact even more true for small business who are looking at making it big and making it big successfully. This mantra of sorts should be taken even more seriously in the current digital age and is one that should not be ignored.

Today, we take a look at 5 tips that can help you in diversifying your business and growing it to unimaginable heights.

1. Diversify 

Always learn to experiment. If you play it safe, then your business is the only thing that is suffering. You need to be careful to not under sell or undercut your idea/product. Your market research needs to focus on customer demand for new products and services and your cost to manufacture, deliver, and sell them.

2. Expand To New Territories 

Do not stick to just one location. If you have been in the same area for more than a couple of months, then it is time to move on and identify more areas/locations for your business. A franchise has more chances of succeeding in this cut throat world. It also sends out the message that your business is here to stay and that you aren’t afraid of competition.

3. Target New Customers

Most businesses target their sales and marketing efforts to specific customer markets based on demographics like age, gender, locations, likes, interests, activities, and values. In order to succeed as an enterprising business, your goal is to break beyond the obvious range of customers. Once you diversify your target audience, your product immediately gets more attention. This is a constant cycle which usually works in your favour!

4. Offer Integrated Solutions 

The main question you must ask yourself is if you could do more than there already is.  This might be anything: training, cloud services, apps, additional gear, monitoring, servicing; the possibilities are endless. The beauty of the digital age is that everything is available and is yours for the taking. So reach out, grab it and make the world your oyster!

5. Suss Out The Competition 

It is always important to figure out what your competition is up to. Either you are in line with their progress or one step ahead. It is preferable if you’re one step ahead because then that gives you the platform for success.

With these steps, expanding your business no longer remains a dream but becomes a very successful and competitive reality!

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Tips On How To Make Your Meetings More Successful



More often than not, business meetings tend to drag on for far longer than necessary and usually end with no real conclusion. Today, we give you tips on how to make your meetings more successful and worth the while!

1. Add Accountability

Adding accountability helps increase responsibility as the onus of the problem falls on the employee. At the end of the meeting, make sure that a recap happens and individual assignments are given if necessary. This helps increase productivity.

2. Shorter The Meeting, The Better

A golden thumb rule? Always, always keep the meeting short. In fact, shorter the better. Meetings scheduled for a long period of time tend to scare the members and this is not a good thing. If more things need to be discussed during the meeting, then that can be added for a follow up.

3. Always Know The Reason For The Meeting 

A meeting without a purpose is never a fruitful meeting. In fact, make sure that EVERYONE knows the reason for the meeting.  Weekly updates, quarterly sales meetings, and annual board meetings all have a purpose. Make sure everyone knows why he/she is there and what is expected of him/her at the meeting.

4. Take Down The Walls 

The walls keep the thoughts out. A lot of times meetings for problem solving are rigid and coordinated. Find someone who can do the minute keeping and allow your team to hash out the details. The old fashioned way always works – sit in a room and talk to each other! This increases communication and brings down the walls.

5. Make Every Stand Up For The Meeting 

According to recent studies, it has been proven that if you have everyone standing for a meeting, the meeting becomes more effective. While it is possible that not everyone likes to stand for a long time, it is an extremely effective in the long run.


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