After deciding what, when and how to set up a startup, the first and foremost thing to do is to name your baby company. The name of the startup company can play a significant role in attaining success. A wrong name for the right reasons fails to connect with the customers. On the contrary, a right name can be helpful in marketing and branding efforts.

Here, we summarize about how to name your Startup company.

1) Get a simple name that conveys some meaning

A name which describes your company details should be preferred. Ideally, you can name a business which conveys something meaningful and positive related to your business. People should instantly get what your business is all about. On the other hand companies like Google, Yahoo or Zappos are successful because their names are catchy enough even though they do not sound meaningful.

2) Get the .com domain name for your Startup

A ‘.com’ domain name should be preferred rather than domain names like ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ because a majority of the population can easily get connected with a ‘.com’ domain name in order to establish a successful business. Also, one must make sure that your name is put on the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

3) Get a thorough internet search done for your name

After determining a name for your Startup company, you must do a thorough internet check so that you don’t end up having a name which another company already had named it. Give a pause to your work and conduct a survey for your name.

4) Do conduct a trademark search

Run your name in to know whether your Startup can get a trademark or service mark for the name.

5) Get a name which is catchy

As you don’t want your company name to be boring, you must try something which is catchy and also a name which your employees can spell it out without any hesitation. The name must definitely resonate amongst the target audience.

6) Get a name which sounds good when said aloud

Some names seem fine when written on paper but sound awful when said aloud. Avoid such names. Make sure people don’t end up in confusion for how to spell that name.

7) Don’t pick a name which limits your business growth

Names which limit to a specific product or a specific city must be avoided. Picking up narrow names for your Startup can cause problems down the road.

8) Avoid names which are hard to spell

Your potential customers should not find it hard to search your business online. Keep it simple.

9) Conduct a Secretary of State search

As you want to structure your business as a corporation, you must do a search of the Secretary of the State records just to make sure your name won’t be similar to the name which is already registered by an existing company. If in case your name is too similar to that already existing company, then the Secretary of State won’t allow you to register that name. You can take help from your company’s corporate lawyer to avoid these cases.

10) Get a feedback on your name

Think about a handful of names and pass on to your friends, colleagues as well as your target audiences, then get a feedback from them. Make sure your name doesn’t end up having negative connotations.

11) Use resources available for brainstorming names

There are various sites which can help brainstorm your names.

For instance, provides startup company name generator and gives you a visual around a keyword.

12) At the end, make sure you are happy with your name

Make time to get started with a good name because ultimately it is you who will be sticking around your business for a longer time. So, personally, you should be in love with your name and also believe that it will resonate with your target audiences.

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