As we all know, mistakes are meant for learning and not repeating. It is said wise men learn by other men’s mistakes. These sayings can be best suited to an entrepreneur’s life. When a young investor or a businessman starts a company, he is likely to make mistakes but learning from others and trying not to repeat those mistakes is what makes one stand out from the crowd.

Here, are some Startup mistakes one can not afford to repeat again.

1) Clinging To The Wrong Idea

Often people tend to enter into an unfamiliar market and tend to fall in love with their original idea and somehow fail to recognize how much it is failing. First, one must try to evaluate how your product fits into the market. For instance, if you launch a product, keep a watch of its market growth for about six to 12 months, if there are no such signs of growth, then something is really wrong. Keep a close eye on it.

2) Underestimating How Long Sales Take

Many companies run out of money because they are too aggressive in overestimating their timelines. Sales do take time. After getting through multiple levels of approvals, the implementation process starts. If your business plan doesn’t account for that, then you might be in trouble.

3) Believing That You Have Competitors

Firstly, confidently believe that there are no real competitors. Usually, no competition means no market. If the competition is minimal and the market is new, then cost of educating potential customers will surely exceed your survival time and budget.

4) Counting On Friends And Family While Starting Up A Business

Every Startup business needs real dedication, a handful of skills, and experience to survive. Counting on friends and family will not be a good idea before setting up a Startup business. It is probably because the near and dear ones usually end up saying what you wanted to hear rather than what you need to hear.

5) Fearing Failure

Winning or losing is all part of a game and so is a part of life. Failing in a business does not mean you have to discontinue the business. It just means that you ran an experiment which will improve your next business. You will surely learn something new and you can apply that lesson to move forward and make your business better.

6) Money solves everything – it is just a myth

There is a strong belief among young entrepreneurs that money solves everything. If they can raise another round of financing, their problems will be solved. But this isn’t true in most of the cases. It cannot solve a fundamental issue with a business model. You should probably fix the problem first and then raise the second round of money.

7) Failing To Delegate

This is one of the most classic problems in the management yet so far. When things fall apart, rather than give up control and take the reins, you end up doing everything yourselves and fail. So the alternative is to delegate. Start by drawing up a process and maintain a guidebook for how to do things for the way they should be done and your employees will surely have the direction they need.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to conquer the world!

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